This Makeup Artist Creates Incredible Looks Based On His Favorite Snacks

Makeup artists look for inspiration in all sorts of interesting places.

However, you probably wouldn't expect those places to include the snack cabinet in your kitchen -- unless you happen to be Tim O.

Tim O is a freelance makeup artist who loves showing off his makeup skills just as much as he loves raiding the fridge.

So, Tim set out to spice up his beauty routine by creating a variety of fabulous looks inspired by none other than his favorite foods.

When asked about the main source of his inspiration, Tim told BuzzFeed,

I'm a fat ass and love to eat. So one day, I was looking at my hot Cheetos bag and said, 'Damn!' These colors would look amazing on my face, haha. At first, I was so scared, thinking people weren't gonna get my humor and embrace my fatness, but they loved it!

Tim posts all his eye-candy creations, which he calls "Fat Bitch" looks, on his awesome Instagram account, and, I must say, you'll be surprised to see how well Wildlicious Wild! Berry Pop-Tarts complement cat eyes.

Seriously, who knew having food on your face could look so damn fierce?

Tim O isn't your average makeup artist from Lakewood, California.

This dude loves putting on his face...

...just as much as he loves stuffing his face.

So, he set out to create all sorts of gorgeous makeup looks inspired by, you guessed it, his favorite snacks!

So far, he conquered everything from fierce Funyuns cosmetics...

And pretty Pop-Tart palettes...

To captivating Cheddar & Sour Cream Ruffles shadows...

...and fabulous Flamin' Hot Cheetos makeup.

People are so impressed by Tim O's work, they're even turning him into memes...

...because, let's be real, this dude seriously is "all that and a bag of chips."

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