The Internal Vs. External Struggle Between Going Out Vs. Staying In

by Ashley Fern

Going out during the winter loses its appeal every second the temperature drops at least one degree.

We used to long for weekends to relieve the stress endured during the work week, but now the only thing we yearn for is catching up on the sleep we so desperately need.

But if we don't go out on the weekend, how are we supposed to keep up with our friends?

Everyone knows going out during the week is probably the worst decision you can make, but thanks to peer pressure, we end up caving in way more than we'd like to admit.

Sadly, the only time left available is on the weekends, and so we're forced to choose between our social lives and our mental and physical health. But how else would we squander our twenties if not on poor decision-making?

This is probably why we find ourselves at the bars until 3 am, downing shot after shot even though we know much, much better.

Every time this happens, we promise ourselves never again, but by the next weekend, we are throwing those promises out the window and heading out to the bars once more.

Of course, we're well aware that this decision doesn't come lightly, as it takes days to figure out (convince ourselves of) what we really want to do.

So what does that internal and external debate look like between what we tell ourselves and what we say to our friends? A little something like this...

Waking up Friday morning

External: Thank God it's Friday!

Internal: Sh*t, it's f*cking Friday. Does this mean I have to go out?

Being hungover at the office

External: I don't know why I feel like this, I only had two drinks last night.

Internal: Why did I think it was remotely OK to take 15 shots of tequila to the face by myself last night?

Lunch-time decisions

External: I'm so f*cking hungover, I deserve this sandwich and I don't care who sees me eat it.

Internal: I'm going to hate myself when I try on (and immediately discard) that body con dress I was thinking about wearing tonight.

Gchat conversations

External: Oh yeah, I'm super down, just give me all of the details.

Internal: Why did I even bother logging on to Gchat today?

Making plans

External: I'll do anything you guys want to!

Internal: Pick whatever you people want because there isn't a chance in hell I am stepping foot outside of my apartment tonight.

The group text

External: Cue the silence.

Internal: 73 unread messages?! No way, not happening, not tonight.

The gym decision

External: I'll text you guys when I get out of my spin class.

Internal: The only thing I'm spinning is a web of lies because all I'm currently thinking about is curling up in my bed and watching Netflix.

Coming face-to-face with your bed

External: I will not sit on you; I will not lie on you; I will not go near your... fluffy, comfy, perfect, soft, inviting, tender amazingness.

Internal: It's just me and you tonight, Bae. It's always been you and me.

The shower

External: Hygiene is my favorite. I don't hate showering at all.

Internal: I hate this place. Motherf*cker, I know if I wash my hair I'm going out, I may as well shave my legs while I'm at it.

Mentally preparing

External: You can do this! You can do this!

Internal: Who are you even talking to? You and I both know you're not going out.

The weather

External: Oh, it's not really that bad out.

Internal: You know if you go out, you're paying to check three layers of clothing with money you don't have.

Money situation

External: I'll totally go halfsies on that bottle of vodka.

Internal: ...There goes my lunch money for the next three days.

 The pregame

External: I love you all sooooo much!!! You are all my best friends!!!

Internal: I don't know which of you people I hate the most.

The feelers

External: Who is going to be there? Will there be diet chasers?

Internal: Why am I even asking these questions? I don't even want to go anywhere...

Your best friend's stance

External: Do you really want to go out? Can't we just stay in and get high instead?

Internal: You better f*cking agree with me because we do everything together and I just stocked up on weed.

The mirror

External: This is your night: You is kind, you is smart, you is important.


The decision

External: I guess I'm really doing this. This has totally been my plan all along.

Internal: I am pathetic and have absolutely no self-control. I'm ashamed of myself.

The verdict

External: That was the best night of my entire life. I'm SO happy I went out.

Internal: I'm never f*cking going out again. I hate everyone.

If this wasn't enough to put you inside the mind of a female struggling to go out, then this video will more than put it in perspective: