There's A New Hair Trend Called The 'Bun Drop,' And It's Oddly Mesmerizing

There's no shortage of hair trends on social media.

From pretty pastel locks to fiery sunset strands, our Instagram feeds are constantly filled with head-turning selfies that show off the fleeting, must-have hair color of the moment.

However, you might find it surprising that the latest beauty trend has nothing to do with dyeing your locks for once.

This time, it appears Instagram is going insane over the "bun drop."

If you're wondering what the hell this thing is, rest assured the bun drop does not involve taking scissors to your bun and then watching your poor, decapitated hairdo fall to the floor.

Instead, the trend is basically a bunch of videos of people slowly letting down their topknots.

Behold, the almighty "bun drop."

If you're looking to get in on this beguiling beauty craze, it's quite simple.

First, wrap your hair up in the perfect bun.

Then, position a camera behind you, and start rolling...

To capture the whole process of letting your locks loose...

As your Rapunzel hair uncoils...

And cascades down your back....

...into its original, unrestricted state.

Fluffing up your strands at the end of the video also adds a nice touch.

Now, I'll admit some of these bun drop videos are oddly mesmerizing.

However, the fact that we've resorted to entertaining ourselves with something this harebrained...

...proves we've finally pushed the boundaries of boredom and have nothing better to do with our time.

Seriously, the internet really needs to find some new hobbies.