15 Reasons Why Girls Absolutely Love The Summer… Until It Arrives

by Ashley Fern

The fall/winter of 2013-2014 were probably the coldest and most brutal seasons we have yet to experience.

We, unfortunately, rocked our puffer jackets to work in the middle of April and somehow found ourselves still wearing fur when May arrived. The winter sucks and we are sick of it. We dream of a better and sunnier place, one we like to call summer.

But, for some reason, we are never happy with what we wish for. As much as we look forward to summer, we look forward to bitching and complaining about it just a little bit more. Complaining? About summer? Yes, we do, whether we realize it or not.

1. We love that it's warm outside, but we hate that it's freezing when we get inside

Why does the difference of temperature between the inside and outside differ by 20 degrees during the summer months?

We get it -- it's really, really hot outside, but there is absolutely no reason an establishment needs to drop its temperature to 50 degrees.

2. We love going on weekend trips, but we hate having to deal with the planning

Weekend getaways are basically the only thing that will motivate us to get through the work week during the summer. But the anxiety that comes with planning and packing leaves nothing to be desired.

From incessant group texts, to annoying Gchat messages, nothing is ever easy when it comes to group plans. It's all worth it though when they come together.

3. We love wearing bikinis, but we hate getting in shape for them

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels (except for pizza, pasta, bagels, candy, margaritas...).

4. We love wearing white, but we hate when it gets dirty

You have to be picky with where you chose to wear your white outfit because you can absolutely guarantee some drunk girl will be spilling her vodka-cranberry all over you. Wearing white is a dangerous feat and not one that most people can handle, nor one they should try...

5. We love tanning, but we hate tan lines

The quickest way to convince yourself that your boobs look deformed is to look at them sans top after a long day of sunbathing.

Tan lines are a great way to judge how well your tan is building, but there is really nothing attractive about tan lines when you're in the buff. I don't know which are worse, those from a string bikini or those from a bandeau top (hello, uniboob).

6. We love tropical drinks, but we hate the hangover

Oh yeah, let me get a strawberry colada sunrise on the rocks -- you don't know what the hell is in this drink, but it sounds good and definitely would render double-digit Instagram likes, so you order four.

But the joke's on you when you wake up with a full-blown hangover right as the sun rises due to the excessive sugar.

7. We love that it stays light out longer, but we hate feeling guilty for going home and watching Netflix in bed

For some reason, the longer it stays light out, the more we feel the need to be active. But when it's 7:15 pm and the sun is still as bright as it was at 2 pm, and I've already gone food shopping and hit the gym, the only thing I want to do is head home to chill.

8. We love the endless dating options, but hate the lack of commitment

...Actually no, we love the lack of commitment and the options.

9. We love walking everywhere, but we hate sweating when we do it

Whoever invented oil sheets is my own personal Jesus. I can't be the only female who sweats like an overweight man during the summer months.

You wake up, see how nice it is outside and decide to get a little extra cardio in by walking to work. Well, the next thing you know, you're stepping into your sub-zero temperature office with a sweat-stained t-shirt -- and that is just not a good look for anyone.

10. We love outdoor music festivals, but we hate paying for them

Help me, I'm poor. Well, no sh*t, because in this past week, I've purchased a Governors Ball ticket and a Made In America ticket... Since when did life get so expensive?

The struggle is real and one my wallet is definitely feeling on a constant basis.

11. We love the acceptability of taking vacation days, but hate the anxiety we feel when we're away from work

Most companies are pretty understanding about taking vacation days if you don't abuse them, but that doesn't stop you from being paranoid every second while you're away.

You check your email regularly and can't decide whether or not it's a good thing that your inbox is empty.

12. We love wearing fewer layers, but hate needing a sweatshirt in our offices

This goes hand-in-hand with #1, despite the fact that our outfits require fewer layers when we go outside, we still have to pile them back on when we get inside.

Sure, it may seem as if you aren't dealing with layers, but you actually are -- and in a much more annoying way.

13. We love getting a new summer wardrobe, but we hate how expensive it is

New season means new wardrobe, right? Replacing one or two items is expensive in and of itself, but replacing and refreshing an entire wardrobe costs just as much as your monthly rent.

You think of all the "extras" in your life and see what you can eliminate to fund your dangerous shopping habit.

14. We love that class is out for good, but we hate that this means getting a job

For a lot of people, summer is a break from school, which only means one thing: time to get a job. Well that sucks, and welcome to the club, we're happy to have you. Prepare to learn all about taxes and how they tear at your soul, one paycheck at a time.

15. We love wearing onesies, but hate having to figure out how to pee in them

Wearing a onesie and having to pee is a match made in hell. You literally are either stripping in the stall or wrestling, trying to move it over. It doesn't matter what method you choose, you will lose each and every time... without fail.

Photo via We Heart It