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Gigi Hadid's iCloud Photos Might Be Leaked By Hackers

Looks like someone wants Gigi Hadid to lose her angel wings.

According to TMZ, a group of iCloud hackers are threatening to publish Hadid's private photos and videos unless she pays them immediately.

She's apparently refusing to be blackmailed and has reportedly hired a private security company to further investigate the hack.

At least Hadid is in good company: Jennifer Lawrence, Lea Michele and Kaley Cuoco were all victims of recent iCloud photo hacks.

No matter what your opinion of Hadid is, there is absolutely nothing okay about any of this.

No woman — celebrity or otherwise — should have to worry about her own private photos being released for the public eye.

There is a huge difference between being artfully nude for a modeling campaign and having private photos being leaked against your will.

We hope the hackers are found and their private photos are leaked online, too.

On second thought, they can keep those private.  No one wants to see that.