22 Gifts Every Single Girl Deserves To Buy Herself…

'Tis the season to be selfish.

Though you may not have a significant other to shower you in Snuggies and designer shoes, that doesn't mean Santa should skip over your studio apartment.

After you've made your Christmas list and checked it twice, buy yourself something nice.

Swapping presents with your siblings and wine drunk parents is heartwarming, but isn't a self-service vibrator much better?

Be self-indulgent this holiday and treat yourself with one or all of these 22 gifts.

1. A $50 Seamless gift card.

You'll be happy you invested in those 16 pieces of sushi for the nights you don't want to cook.

2. A three-month membership.

When you're emotionally ready for an engagement ring.

3. A luxury terry cloth bathrobe that makes you feel like you're staying at the W Hotel.

Terry Cloth Robe/L.L.Bean

Terry Cloth Robe, $79, L.L.Bean

For when you don't want to wear any clothes, but your BFF is coming over.

4. A pair of Unicorn novelty slippers.

NEVADA SKY Unicorn Slippers/ASOS

NEVADA SKY Unicorn Slippers, $23, ASOS

Never take your single self too seriously.

5. A bra fitting appointment.

Update your lingerie like the adult you are.

6. A pair of yoga pants you can wear to the gym and work.

Staying fit is a priority when you're off the relationship bandwagon. However, it's also important for casual Fridays at work.

7. A cleaning service for your apartment.

For when you don't want to lift a finger, but still want to be dirt-free.

8. A piece of jewelry with your name on it.

Obnoxious? Maybe, but who cares? This is about you, remember?

9. A Fossil Q "Dreamer" watch.


Fossil Q Motion Activity Tracker, $50, Amazon

Since Apple Watches are pricey and Fitbits are for gym junkies, this tracker is the next best thing.

10. A copy of "The Woman I Wanted To Be" by Diane von Furstenberg.

The Woman I Wanted To Be by Diane Von Furstenberg/Amazon

"The Woman I Wanted To Be", $7, Amazon

Since being single is a time for self-improvement, who better than DVF and her remarkable wisdom to teach you how to channel your feminine power?

11. An electronic wine opener.

Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener/Amazon

Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener, $18, Amazon

It'll never judge you for the two bottles you finish each night by yourself.

12. A male escort who willingly plays along.

Paying for a date pays off, if only for a night.

13. An entire pizza.

Don't scarf down a Domino's pie for the sake of being "cool." Do it because you've been skipping cheat days for months.

You deserve the cheese and calories.

14. The coziest body pillow you can find.

Memory Foam Body Pillow/Amazon

Memory Foam Body Pillow, $22, Amazon

For nights when you're much lonelier than you're willing to admit, and there's no cuddle buddy to call.

15. A therapy session.

We all need it.

16. A pair of granny panties.

Me and You

Me And You Feminist Underwear, $25, Object_Ify

When you don't want to go commando and DGAF about VPLs.

17. The perfect pocket-sized vibrator.

New Je Joue MIMI Massager/Amazon

New Je Jour MIMI Massager, $74, Amazon

Whether you're at home or traveling abroad, give yourself the gift of orgasm.

18. A ball gown to strictly wear around the house.

Donning a gown is as uplifting as a f*ck me dress, even if you don't have a gala to attend.

19. One session of laser hair removal.

What better time to zap off those pesky armpit hairs forever?

20. Five or six Diptyque Paris candles.


Diptique Baies Candle, $64, Amazon

A candle-lit room isn't just for rom-com date nights.

21. An appointment with a psychic for an intuitive reading.

Unless the cards say your next boyfriend is the tall, dark and handsome guy you met in college, ignore them.

22. A low-maintenance pet.

At least someone will be waiting for you at home, right?