6 Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Going Commando

by Niki McGloster

Panties are pretty much an unnecessary accessory.

When Coco Chanel advised us to discard an item before heading out, we hardly believe she was referring to our thongs. However, dumping our panties is as liberating and on-trend as setting our side-boobs free.

Don't be frightened by the act of not wearing underwear. Whether you're battling VPLs or you just enjoy a cold breeze against your vag, you won't regret living a commando lifestyle.

Think of the laundry you'll avoid by cutting out those undercover garments. Not to mention, you'll feel sexier on just about any occasion.

However, while men can hang loose with minimal care, there are few things women need to get situated first.

Here are all the things you should ask yourself before indulging in this frisky fashion move.

1. Have I shaved?

If your lower lawn isn't properly manicured before going public, the itch of your 1975-style bush can be maddening.

Trim your lady forest and sweep away any excess to ensure your commando lifestyle doesn't have you scratching in public for relief.

2. Is my period coming?

There's no surprise more unpleasant than a pop-up visit from Aunt Flo.

Contrary to popular belief, many women can't tell when their period is coming without the help of an app.

However, some women often allow cramps and engorged boobs to inform them of their period's impending arrival.

So, if you're unusually bloated and want to kill your loud ass neighbor, keep your panties and a pantyliner within arm's reach.

3. Do I have constant discharge?

My apologies to the unfortunate few who have constant discharge downstairs.

If, for you, going commando is the equivalent of an "American Horror Story"-style science project, keep your commando lifestyle confined to your bed.

Or, you can slip into paper-thin panties and enjoy your day out.

4. What am I eating today?

No matter what you toss into your mouth, your vagina will always have a scent. By keeping an eye on your daily intake, however, you can save your lady box from an insidious stench.

Overdose on water and steer clear of red meat on the days you decide to ditch briefs.

Also, don't even think about touching asparagus, garlic or curry. They'll only make your crotch moisture smell worse.

5. Are these pants too tight?

To avoid a yeast infection, keep some room between you and your skinnies.

Only go commando when your jeans fit looser on your coochie than usual. Just swap out your skinny jeans for a boyfriend cut.

6. Will my vagina touch a seat?

If your vagina's getting some fresh air, short skirts and no panties are a dangerous combo.

Be on high alert for germs, especially if public transportation is in your immediate future.

There's nothing like a bout of pubic lice to send you running back to your constricting undies.

So I've heard, anyway.