5 Things To Ask Yourself Before Going Out Without A Bra

by Niki McGloster

There is no feeling more liberating than unhooking your bra at the end of a long day.

Personally, I rarely strap my chichis in a bra. Other women I know have chosen to completely forgo the constricting garment altogether.

Most days, I'd like to think I've got it down to a science. But still, baring your boobs can turn disastrously raunchy.

You might not be at risk of a nip slip that would reach TMZ, but going commando up top can be pretty blinding if you're ill-prepared.

Trust me, there's a mighty thin line between appearing naked underneath and being completely naked IRL. However, if done right, tossing aside your bra can be empowering.

But before you go nude underneath, here are some things you should ask yourself.

1. Are my breasts not meant for this?

Assess whether your breasts have enough support before giving your bra a break.

Simply stand in front of your mirror and be realistic. If you can tell when your jeans are too tight, you can tell whether or not you'll need tit reinforcements.

If your bosom isn't looking as bright-eyed and awake as you would prefer, throw on a structured top before unleashing the kiddies.

Don't be at odds with your double Ds for the sake of baring it all.

2. Do I need nipple coverage?

If you're debating whether to wear a sheer top, the answer is no.

Indoor and outdoor temps are unusually fickle during this time of year, so shield your nips from the chill with heavy fabrics or Nippies.

This is especially important if you suffer from nippleitis embarrassment. Likewise, keep uplifting adhesive or pasties nearby to avoid a nip slip that'll cost you some bad Snapchats.

Bottom line: Unless you're going to #FreeTheNipple for a cause, you need a reason to put the blinders on.

3. Will I be running?

There's no way to fully predict if you will suddenly have to run for cover, but try not to get caught mimicking Kate Upton's beach run on the sprint to your train.

In order to save face for your boobs, do your best to avoid making this a "Cardio Day."

Word to the wise: Always stay strapped for gym sessions.

4. Am I wearing a tight outfit?

No need for a bra if you're opting for a boob-supporting bodycon.

Though your boobies won't do much shifting in a bondage dress, your nipples should still remain undercover.

5. Am I confident enough to wear this?

Be your own PR girl and know it's never cute to be unnecessarily naked in public. The phrase, "Well, Rihanna doesn't wear a bra" isn't a good excuse to let your jugs go free.

For the sake of feeling self-assured, see if someone else you know has pulled off the look. Use her braless selfie as your inspiration and milk the trend the right way.