What Your Engagement Ring Shape Says About You

Like any other wedding-obsessed 20-something, I watch "Say Yes To The Dress" religiously.

But if we're being honest, fussing over a gown I'll only wear once seems more ridiculous than Jay Z's demands on tour.

Peony arrangements and Vera Wang embroidery have piqued women's interests since the days of Barbie dolls and hopscotch. However, choosing the right engagement ring is more important than any other wedding decision you'll make, no matter the grandeur or simplicity of the proposal.

The cut outweighs the couture.

A diamond's shape shows whether you're more of a Mila Kunis or a Solange. The multi-carat diamond is a litmus test for how well your beau knows you.

Bottom line: The ring you'll wear every day is much mightier than the dress.

Here's what the body of your bling-bling says about you.

Pear: the one-of-a-kind.

Celebrity ring match: FKA Twigs

Round: the classic, cool woman.

Celebrity ring match: Michelle Obama

Princess: the lady.

Celebrity ring match: Nicky Hilton

Cushion: the badass romantic.

Celebrity ring match: Kim Kardashian

Marquise: the center of attention.

Celebrity ring match: Catherine Zeta-Jones

Emerald: the minimal glam queen.

Celebrity ring match: Beyoncé

Radiant: the infatuated diva.

Celebrity ring match: Jennifer Lopez

Asscher: the thrifter.

Celebrity ring match: Elizabeth Taylor

Heart: the hopeless romantic.

Celebrity ring match: Lady Gaga