A New York Politician Is Fighting To #FreeTheTampons For Teenage Girls


As far as pop culture causes go, there's a long list of things we're freeing: the nipple, lady armpit hair, bushes, beards and man buns.

A new addition to the list, however, is more than just about aesthetics: Queens City Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras wants to free the tampon.

Gothamist reports Ferreras is drumming up support for an initiative to provide often-expensive tampons to teen girls free of charge, stocking them in high school bathrooms while abandoning Albany's tax on feminine hygiene products.

In in a Facebook post, she wrote her beloved city already distributes complimentary condoms and should consider tampons an equally – if not more pressing – health issue.

According to Ferreras, free tampons are matters of "avoiding health risks, affordability and women's equality."

The councilwoman, who hosted an all-female roundtable discussion on the issue yesterday, remembered,

Ferreras' cause is bolstered by the support of Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, who published a New York Times opinion piece on the outrageous expense of tampons earlier this year.

Both women are supporters of Canada's successful #NoTaxOnTampons campaign and hope to see it become a reality in the United States.

Free the tampon, and free white pants along with it.

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