60 First World Problems Girls Have To Deal With Every Day

by Ashley Fern

Ugh, life is sooo hard...

Is it really, though, or do we just love to complain about every little thing we must do on a daily basis? It doesn't matter how big or small the situation is just as long as it allows us to bitch about it.

Is there a better way to start your Tuesday than realizing you forgot your computer at home the moment you step into the office? — Ashley Fern (@disco_infern0) November 4, 2014

First world problems are real despite how valid they seem to others. They are our problems and we will talk about them all day long if we damn well please.

So what are the typical first world problems females encounter on the reg?

1. You need to shave your legs, but it's not a hair-washing day

2. Your day is already ruined when you have to unclog the hair from your shower drain

3. The store was out of whole wheat bagels

4. ...and soy milk

5. You realize you forgot your computer the moment you arrive in the office

6. You can't afford to bring lunch to work, you can't afford to food shop

7. You have to go to work...

8. You bought salad and forgot to get dressing

9. You can't watch Netflix because too many people are using your account

10. You went into the bathroom, but forgot your phone in the bedroom

11. You got in the shower, but forgot to turn the surround sound on

12. You can't hear the television because you're eating food

13. You accidentally deleted a conversation you meant to screenshot

14. Your weed dealer isn't answering and you just smoked your last bowl

15. The bartender is ignoring you as you wave your blue Chase debit card around

16. Your like-to-minute ratio is completely off on Instagram

17. You can't get a waxing appointment in time for the weekend

18. It's a hair-washing day

19. The delivery man has arrived and you have to put on a bra

20. You're starving for snacks, but the fridge is empty

21. You don't know your friend's passcode, so you can't change the song

22. It's too cold to get out of bed because you slept with your window open

23. You need a manicure and pedicure at the same time

24. The situation requires pants

25. You ordered delivery, but fell asleep before its arrival

26. You ordered delivery and now have to wait 35-60 minutes

27. You ordered delivery and have to get up from bed to answer the door

28. You ordered delivery online and the restaurant calls to confirm

29. You ordered delivery and have to pick up the food to put it in your mouth

30. You ordered delivery and had to set up the meal yourself

31. They changed Elite Daily's interface

32. You got a UTI, but haven't had sex in over six months

33. It's Tuesday and you're already over this week

34. You need to charge your cell phone, but the charger is too far to reach from your bed

35. You have to pee, but already got in bed and turned off the lights

36. You want to hit up a booty call, but also kind of want cheese fries

37. You get your period while getting ready on a Friday night

38. You don't know if it's a scarf day or not

39. You wear endless layers, but when you step inside, you're dripping in sweat

40. You can't connect to WiFi

41. You get out of work too late to maximize Happy Hour

42. You walk halfway to work and realize you forgot to put on deodorant

43. Someone offered to buy you a tequila shot, you're allergic to tequila, but you're also broke

44. You want to go to happy hour, but also want to exercise

45. All of your makeup ran out at the same time

46. Your shampoo and conditioner didn't run out at the same time

47. Your hair tie won't go around your hair three times, but it's too loose when it's only wrapped twice

48. You have too many clothes and not enough space to put them away

49. You have liquor, but no chaser

50. You don't have any cash and have to go to a random ATM and pay the service fee

51. You're hungover and you've run out of weed

52. ...and Advil

53. You match with a hot guy on Tinder and your only mutual friends are your ex-boyfriends and hookups

54. Your laundry has been delivered, but now you must put your already-folded clothes away

55. Your dry cleaning bill costs more than your utility bill

56. The Whole Foods line is out the door

57. The Starbucks barista f*cked up your order

58. You've maxed out your credit card and there is still another week left in the month

59. You've overdrawn your account for the third time this month

60. You. Are. Pale.