Emily Ratajkowski Won Salsa-Inspired Trends, So You Can Stop Trying Now

This is the summer of flashing skin, wearing an off-the-shoulder top to drinks or showing a little side boob (free boob, really).

As with most trends, celebrities are doing it way more confidently than we, the average human beings of the world with stringent budgets, ever can.

Emily Ratajkowski, the actress-model best known for grinding on Robin Thicke naked during the “Blurred Lines” music video, sees your salsa-inspired Zara blouse and raises you an actual salsa ensemble.

On August 10, Ratajkowski 'grammed press photos from a dinner held to honor Ban Ki-Moon, the UN's secretary general.

Wrapped in an embellished red Alexander Vauthier number, the stylish lady was the salsa dancer emoji come to life — a fact even she acknowledged in the photo's caption.

Stylists Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn finished off the look with barely-there Stuart Weitzman sandals.

If Beyoncé's ruffled Roberto Cavalli number in “Hold Up” was a subtle homage to the art of flamenco, all ruffles and loose neckline, Ratajkowski's look is like a flamenco dancer holding castanets and stomping all over your toes.

Not subtle, still beautiful.

Ratajkowski already has a toned, tanned body that seems forged in the fires of Sports Illustrated's wildest fantasies, and it often seems as if the clothes are just a brightly colored distraction from her bod.

It's hard to look away from a physique she clearly trains like an Olympian to maintain.

After years of intensely watching “Dancing With The Stars” with my mother, I'm pretty astonished to see the outlandish world of ballroom dance costumes (or, the kind ABC likes to show) taking the red carpet.

A little bedazzle here, a little glitter there and a giant pair of fake lashes are all that keeps Ratajkowski from stepping onstage with Maksim Chmerkovskiy.