5 Places To Work Out In NYC That Are Way Cheaper Than ClassPass

The news came suddenly, sounding the death knell for affordable workouts: ClassPass is raising its prices once more.

In an email sent to New York City members on April 27, the studio-hopping concierge service announced it would begin charging up to $200 per month for an unlimited class subscription. The news came less than a year after ClassPass raised prices from $99 to $125, setting off a collective shriek so shrill they probably heard it in Lululemon stores across the country.

Like Beyoncé in “Lemonade,” ClassPass lovers will have to grieve their once-strong relationship and move on. Instead of repeatedly hate tweeting the company, the more productive solution is to choose one of two options: Either swallow down the service's new cost, since your classes were deeply discounted to begin with, or find ClassPass alternatives.

As for me and my squad, we will squat elsewhere.

Have no fear, New Yorkers, you won't be forced to trade in your unlimited monthly MTA card in order to afford a gym membership. I've tried dozens of workouts across the city, so here are some viable options.

Y7 Yoga

The deal: Newbies can try unlimited classes for less money. Two weeks will run you $45, while a full month is $99. After that, a 5-class package costs $115.

Pop Physique

The deal: At Pop, a 5-class block costs $155, but each purchase is good for six months. But, the gym's also been known to offer Groupons.


I tried FitReserve during its launch last fall, and there were a few bugs in the reservation system yet to be ironed out. Also, take note that you'll have to put your name on wait list to become a member.

The deal: 10 classes per month sells for $149.

New York Road Runners

The deal: You'll pay $45, plus the cost of any group training sessions you decide to join. $150 will get you two sessions a week for the entire 8-week season.

Find a freebie.

With summer coming, you might even want to take advantage of the city's parks and green spaces. Workouts like The Rise will help you feel the burn for free, provided you're willing to wake up early.

The deal: Plan ahead, and you'll pay nothing.