Shoe Superlatives: The Good, The Bad And The Crazy Footwear of NYFW

While New York Fashion Week may be all about the sickest hair looks or the next big trend to rival Givenchy's Bambi sweatshirt, I've kept my eyes firmly planted down south. I'm talking shoes, ladies.

Recently, footwear choices have shifted from teeter-tottering heels and sky-high booties to modest mules, loafers and footwear that can actually be considered comfortable.

Sure, we still saw plenty of heels on and off the runway -- and they were f*cking fabulous -- but there were plenty of sneakers in the mix, too.

If you missed out on what's going on down under or just need some fall inspiration, this is your guide. Here are the most eye-catching shoes of NYFW.

Most likely to appeal to your inner Cinderella:

Celine Rahman

Silver glittery flats are a modern way to rock the Disney princess look.

Most likely to give you epileptic seizures:

Celine Rahman

Avert your eyes.

Most likely to be an extension of your childhood Furby addiction:

Celine Rahman

They're like friends for your toes.

Most likely to get attacked by your cat:

Celine Rahman

You're asking for it.

Most likely to double as real estate porn:

Celine Rahman

The little neighborhood on this woman's shoes is where I want to live when I have kids.

Most likely to blind everyone at the club:

Celine Rahman

Redefining "twinkle toes."

Most likely to absolutely destroy your feet:

Celine Rahman

That looks like it sucks.

Most likely to be have been made by an army of Oompa Loompas:

Celine Rahman

Willy Wonka would be proud.

Most likely to secretly be moon boots:

Celine Rahman

Neil Armstrong wished he had these.

Most likely to show up in a tasteful porn film:

Celine Rahman

Socks are mandatory.

Most likely to unleash your inner OCD:

Celine Rahman

Those laces will be a never-ending mindf*ck.