These Runway Looks Will Have You Channeling Your Inner Princess (NYFW)

For the past several seasons, womenswear has actually looked more like menswear.

Instead of voluminous silhouettes and flirty separates, we've been handed a heaping plate of tailored pants, boyfriend jeans and the ode to lazy girls everywhere, athleisure. Not that we're complaining. With the rise of dude-inspired fashion, we've been re-introduced to flats, suits and an overall more grungy aesthetic.

This spring, however, has veered further away from Prince Charming's aesthetic appeal and more toward Cinderella's. Time to get your petticoats together: Princess-like flourishes are back, and they'll be dominating wardrobes come March.

For Spring/Summer 2016, designers brought the pretty back with A-line skirts, graceful silhouettes and all the f*cking tulle you can imagine. Whether you wear your frilly frock to a gala or under a sweatshirt for a Netflix night at home, it looks like this spring is going to get a whole lot more girly.

The somewhat sexy princess:

Semi-sheer gowns on display at the Tadashi Shoji show were basically everything I wish Kate Middleton had the balls to wear. The looks were pretty, floral and probably what Hailee Steinfeld and Elle Fanning will be rocking come award season.

That see-through purple skirt is super grown-up and has me dreaming I had Queen Bey's body and budget because I'd be all up in that faster than you can say "Moda Operandi."

If this show wasn't proof that purple will be the new black next March, I don't know what is.

The colorful royal:

Princesses never wear black and white. The sunset shades at Prabal Gurung's show were not only a stark contrast to the pastels and neutrals we've come to expect for the season, but they were also vibrant enough to be the main attraction.

This yellow dress shows not all princessy gowns have to be made of tulle and tiers. A simple silhouette with an up-to-there slit is more than enough to get people staring.

Plus, think of how it would flow in the wind! You'd be the coolest damn princess on top of a subway grate.

The updated elegant Barbie:

We know you secretly dream of Ken whisking you away to your Malibu dream house in a fancy red convertible.

This dress, courtesy of Pamella Roland, is the Barbie dream realized. But instead of Ken, it's a hot investment banker in a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce. He would take you to his fancy-schmancy loft apartment where you'd have a fabulous wine tasting and magically not spill any on your pretty pink dress.

Then, at night, you'd transform into Superhero Barbie and save the world from sartorial disaster. No point in wasting such an epic cape on anything short of fabulous.