Makeup Artist Seamlessly Transforms Herself Into 5 Different Looks (Video)

We've all seen some insanely awesome things with makeup.

From superhero transformations and incredible eye makeup to cleavage contouring, the possibilities of what you can do with some makeup and a little imagination are pretty much endless.

The way you dress up your face can really say a lot about you, so it's important to choose a color palette and style that bring out your best features and complement your personality.

Recently, popular makeup expert and YouTuber Kandee Johnson created a video called "1 Face 5 Makeup Looks," seamlessly transforming herself into five totally different looks and revealing how much makeup can capture different personas.

She starts off with pigtails and dark makeup for a goth look, then she transitions into a baby doll look, complete with blue lips and eyebrows.

From there, she opts for a more natural look with subtle colors and follows that with a glam, contoured look that would even impress Kim K. And she finishes the video by painting on a perfect, playful pin-up face.

All of Kandee's makeup styles look absolutely fabulous and prove makeup can be used as a pretty powerful medium of self-expression.

Take a look at the video to see all of Kandee's makeup transformations.

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