How To Use Contouring To Actually Make Your Boobs Look Bigger

The power of makeup is pretty incredible, especially when it comes contouring.

Thanks to celebs like Kim K, contouring has become a mainstream makeup trick a lot of ladies use to achieve perfect, chiseled cheekbones.

But did you know you can use contouring for more than just your face?

That's right, this coveted, age-old makeup trick can also be used to enhance your boobs. I repeat: You can now use makeup to make your lady lumps look bigger!

If you're not sure how contouring works, let me break it down for you.

It's basically an optical illusion.

Contouring tricks your eyes by using shadow and light to distort your perception of depth, therefore, it makes things seem larger or smaller than they really are.

By using makeup to make something darker, with say, bronzer, you create a shadowing effect that makes the shaded area appear farther away.

On the other hand, using makeup to make something lighter has the opposite effect and makes the highlighted area appear more prominent by bringing it into the foreground of your vision.

So, when it comes to contouring your breasts, all you have to do is use some strategically placed light and dark makeup to create a shadowing effect that looks exactly like faux cleavage. Simple!

With this little trick, we can finally have the killer cleavage we've always dreamed of without stuffing socks in our bras or going under the knife.

Since I'm always looking for ways to increase my bust, I set out to master the art of cleavage contouring and show you step-by-step how it's done.

Your boyfriend can thank me later.

All you need to make your boobs look bigger is a little makeup and a lesson in cleavage contouring, which you are about to receive.

Kaylin Pound

You'll need an angled brush, a powder brush, a setting powder, a powder or cream bronzer two shades darker than your natural skin tone and a powder highlighter two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. To make it easy, you can just get a contour palette that has all the shades you need.

Kaylin Pound

Start off by lightly sweeping bronzer in the area between your breasts with the powder brush to create depth.

Next, dip your angled brush in bronzer, then draw a curved "Y" shape along the natural roundness at the top of your breasts and blend toward the center of each breast. It should look like this:

Now, use your angled brush to apply highlighter to the top half of your breasts, just inside the "Y" shape (like the photo below), and blend toward the middle of each one. This creates the illusion of fullness and really makes your cleavage stand out.

You'll want your cleavage to look as natural as possible, so take your powder brush and blend, blend, blend!

Use some pressed powder to set those puppies, and voila! Your boobs just went from flat to fabulous in under five minutes. Now get out there and show off your makeup boob job.

Kaylin Pound