47 Things That All Girls Can Agree To Disagree On

by Elite Daily Staff

From trashy television to Ugg boots, every woman has her own set of standards when it comes to girly indulgences. And whether or not you actually care that J. Law cut her hair short or that KIND bars are gluten-free, it’s really fun to engage in this harmless brand of girl-talk.

Since Girl World dictates that we need to respect each other’s opinions, here are 47 things we all can agree to disagree on.

1. Leggings as pants: As long as your vagina outline isn’t screaming "Look at me!" then you’ve already won half the battle.

2. Tanning: For all the women out there who are still basting their skin under the oven lights, you’re making it really hard for the rest of us pale people to keep up. We’re resorting to preset iPhone filters just so we don’t stick out in the group shot. Do us a solid and go for the spray kind, so we can at least all look orange together.

3. Waxing, shaving or lasering: Here’s how it goes depending on where you lie on the spectrum. You either A. Wish you could afford to get it lasered B. Have a steady boyfriend so you shave or C. you’re single and love your special one-and-only lady friend who gets to go down there once a month, which is more action than you’re currently getting from anyone else. You just wish you didn’t have to pay for it.

4. Black and navy: It’s situational; let’s leave it at that.

5. “Quiche”: When our favorite private school girl Ja’mie says it, it’s hilarious. As a food it’s pretty nutritious. When thousands of yappy girls exploit it through improper usage and endless hashtags, it is no longer fun.

6. Red lipstick: People who hate it are jelly they can’t rock it. It’s all in finding the shade that doesn’t make your teeth look yellow.

7. Sororities: You either found your besties or knew exactly who to avoid at the bar.

8. Hippie headbands: Respect to the girls who wear this head-garb unironically to places other than Coachella. They’re totally trendy and stylish, if a tad challenging to rock without looking like a douchebag.

9. Birth control: The pill makes you want overdose, but your friends say IUDs leave them feeling nuttier than Snooki when she’s sober. And you’re not about to try Seasonale or anything that feels too foreign. So for now, it’s either au naturel or hoping it’s only your boobs that gain weight.

10. Wearing a jacket to the bar: Paying for coat check sucks, but having to hold your jacket the whole evening totally cramps your style. Pick your poison.

11. Taylor Swift: You want to hate her so bad, if only for dating all of your fantasy celebrity crushes. But then she comes out with a so-bad-it’s-good song like “22” and you just wind up hating yourself for loving her all-too-honest lyrics.

12. Unconventional baby names: I think naming your boy “Bear” or daughter “Charlie” is special. But maybe I’m just partial since everyone calls me LARG.

13. Uggs: You can take a girl away from her Uggs, but you can’t take Uggs away from a girl… when she’s running errands.

14. Kim Kardashian: National Geographic has well-documented evidence to support the theory that she’s really a Furby. Regardless, she’s fun fodder for celebrity-gossipers like myself, and her life with Kanye is an upgrade.

Here’s a pro tip: if you watch her on mute, you’ll appreciate her infinitely more.

15. New additions to the clique: Taking in a new member of the group is like changing the DNA of a girl band – sometimes it works, like Destiny’s Child, and sometimes it doesn’t, like Danity Kane

16. Black nail polish: Looks best on everybody.

17. Splitting things: Checks, appetizers, gifts, cookies…

18. Heel height: Regardless if you abhor them or adore them, every woman should own a pair of classic black pumps.

19. Neon spandex shorts: Those who are pro-neon will probably disagree with me on “sororities” and “Soul Cycle” and a lot of other things.

20. "Real Housewives" series: I’m totally about that life and I’m not ashamed to say I like girls who are too. The struggle is real when two girlfriends can’t watch weeknight television together.

21. Hot yoga: Who doesn’t like falsely believing that you are sweating out your binge-drinking college years? People who don’t like hot yoga probably think the same way about the practice as I do about heated car seats – it makes me feel like I’m sh*tting my pants.

22. Shorts with tights: If you’re in that camp, more power to you and teenage models worldwide!

23. The correct pronunciation of “Cara Delevigne,” “Chloe Sevigne,” “Josh Duhamel,” “Amanda Seyfried,” and “Charlize Theron:” Google it.

24. "Twilight," "The Bachelor," And "Fifty Shades": We all have our things. If it’s not "Pretty Little Liars," it’s something else.

25. Maxi-pads: Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

26. Going out: Fridays are for either going out and drinking heavily, or staying in and drinking heavily.

27. GIFs: They were never meant to be spoken aloud anyway. Next.

28. Sex on the first date: If you haven’t made up your mind yet, may I kindly point you to the plethora of Elite Daily articles on the subject?

29. J. Law’s short haircut: Why is everyone neglecting the fact that Jennifer Lawrence stole this look from soccer moms everywhere? Because it would mean she actually did something wrong for once?

30. Men with beards: I’m not really shy about how I feel on this one

31. Wearing the color pink: …At least on Wednesdays.

32. Marijuana: Well, considering you read “Elite Daily,” we might all be in agreement here.

33. The best decade to be born in: This is always a fun conversation starter when you have nothing to say at a party. We girls go all United Nations-status when debating if it would be worth giving up the five Spice Girls for bell-bottoms.

34. Hipsters: As I’ve stated before, hipsters have cool style and about 96 percent of Brooklyn is attracted to them. They must be doing something right.

35. Extensions: The thing about extensions is, we’ve never actually heard anyone complain that they hated the way they looked with extra hair. It’s the removal process that sucks.

36. Bad boys: The only thing we love more than assh*les is assplay.

37. Hashtags: #This #Hashtag #Party #Is #So #Quiche

38. Winter: Layers are chic until you’re buried in them.

39. Selfies: I’m personally a fan of the “closeted selfie” in which I take hundreds of selfies but never upload them for public consumption.

40. Drama: Even if we are all in disagreement about drama, there is one thing we can agree upon: It was never you who started it, right?

41. Nail art: makes for great Tumblr stalking.

42. Naps: best enjoyed after multiple rounds at the bar.

43. Fedoras: It takes a strong woman to rock a fedora well. Bonus points if she can also moon walk.

44. Pinterest: I am just not crafty and therefore I do not use Pinterest. But I envy people that have that brand of self-motivation.

45. Uploading photos: It’s a tough job, but somebody in the group has got to do it.

46: Bangs: Team Bangs. I’ll love you through the entirety of the awkward chin phase because I’m that committed.

47. Gluten: Gluten is kind of like applying body lotion – you tell yourself you hate it but really you’re just afraid you won’t be able to stop.