19 Questions And Concerns Every Girl Has About Getting Married Too Young

by Elite Daily Staff

So, you’re thinking about getting married young, but you’re hesitant to take the next step because you’ve seen the Hilary Duffs and Britney Spears’ of the world and you know it can abruptly end in terrible extensions and abandoned babies.

Furthermore, as more Millennial women are deferring marriage, you find yourself questioning if you’re too young to get married yet. This is completely normal, and naturally you will have many concerns before taking the plunge. We’re here to break them down for you and help a sister out.

Here are the 19 concerns every girl has about getting married too young.

1. Will we grow apart?

Age ain’t nothing but a number, until you realize you have about 60 more years to go with this same partner and you’re not done developing into your own person yet.

Sure, when you're young, you think you have it all figured out, but the reality is that you’re going to change drastically -- and perhaps into totally different people than you imagined yourselves to be. What if you no longer recognize this new person or for that matter, the new person your partner has become? What if you both grow up only to grow apart?

2. What about focusing on my career?

Getting married before you have an established career can be tricky to maneuver. You say you won’t sacrifice your job for someone else, but now there will be two people to consider when taking a new job or leaving an old one.

There are so many unknown variables, like salaries, work hours and location placement, which become even more complicated when someone else is involved in your decision making.

3. Am I wasting my youth on one person?

It depends on how good looking you are. (I'm kidding...)

4. We’re not financially stable yet

How can you support each other when you can barely support yourself? Hmm, well, at least you two can split the cable bill.

Financial stability is hard to come by at a young age. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though because it’s not like your friends will have the money to shell out for an extravagant destination wedding either!

5. Will I get pregnant too soon?

Perhaps an even bigger fear than getting married is what will happen to your birth control afterwards. Accidentally getting preggers and feeling like you have to keep it can really ruin a honeymoon.

6. Will I lose my hot bod?

Science has now confirmed what we all already knew: Marriage makes you fat. Lucky for you though, you’ll still be young enough to eat what you want. And if that doesn’t work, you can always rejoin bridal bootcamp!

7. Am I settling? What else is out there?

If you’re asking yourself this, your partner might not be the one for you. And down the line, this insecurity will only become larger. Once that question, “Will I find someone better?” pops into your head, it’s very hard to forget it.

If you truly love someone, you know that it doesn’t get much better than what’s right in front of you.

8. Will we divorce each other?

According to completely unsupported scientific claims, couples who get married at a young age have a higher chance of divorce... because tastes change. And yet, according to other bogus claims, women need to “keep” their husband.

We’re not Miss Cleo, lady. We don’t know what will happen. Venturing into The Unknown sucks sometimes, but it keeps us, for lack of a better word, young.

9. Will friendships with my bridesmaids come to a close?

A study of British brides showed that 32 percent lost friendships with their bridesmaids after their weddings. (Who knew people performed this much research on weddings?) Listen ladies, be better than the 32 percent. Keep those relationships with your gal-pals post nuptials. Do better.

10. Will they live up to all the qualities…

….of this Elite Daily Women’s article?

11. Fights aren’t just fights

They’re about housing and families and real things. And they’re for life. This sh*t is scarier than “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”

12. Do I know myself first?

You’re giving up some independence, but you also need to stop being so selfish all the time.

13. Will my social life go to die in Reality TV Housewife hell?

Clearly you’ve been warned. Just don’t involve the cameras, show up at requisite lunch parties, and you’re good to go!

14. What happens after the honeymoon phase?

This about sums it up nicely. Get pumped for shaving and nightly phone calls. Not bad, not bad at all.

15. Do we know each other well enough?

Don’t overthink this. It’s marriage and men get hotter with age. You got this!

16. Are we rushing?

Barring certain circumstances, you technically can get married at any point in your life. Some of you might be too young to take things seriously ("Toddlers In Tiaras," I’m looking at you, girls).

17. Will my entire wedding party eat sh*t and collapse?

Good news, this is highly unlikely to happen. Bad news, it’s already been done and gone viral before.

18. What if I’ve never lived on my own before?

Then you’ll miss out on a lot of frozen cookie dough moments and dancing naked around your living room. Otherwise, you’ll be okay moving from roommate to fiancé.

19. Will I compromise my spontaneity?

Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean you can’t continue to live an exciting life. In fact, if you find the right person for you, your life will become even more exhilarating.