Science Confirms What We Already Knew: Marriage Makes You Fat

As if you needed another reason to refrain from tying the knot, it's now believed that marriage makes you fat.

This is kind of funny considering how many brides agonize over losing weight and toning up prior to the big day. But once all those white-dress photos are taken, it's like a food free-for-all, and women pack on the pounds.

According to a study conducted by health experts in Australia, women gain an average of five pounds in the six months following The Big Day (which actually doesn't sound like a lot at all).

Understandably, the brides who obsessed about their body prior to the wedding were more likely to gain weight following the nuptials... which may very well be attributed to gaining back what was lost in those bridal bootcamps.

But alas, those who did manage to shed some pounds before the wedding gained a greater average — 7.1 pounds — of it all back.

In a kind of rude response to the study's results, researchers said:

"It is equally possible that this weakened motivation for maintaining body weight is due to participants feeling like they have already 'snagged' their man and therefore no longer need to work on their appearance."

via Daily Mail, Top Photo Courtesy: We Heart It