5 Workouts To Do With A Friend Because Sometimes You Just Need Moral Support At The Gym

by Georgina Berbari
Getty Images/kali9

You know the feeling when you're on your third round of an ab circuit, and you kind of just want to give up on life and take a nap right there on your workout mat? Like, being your own cheerleader is great and all, but there's nothing more motivating than a gym buddy, amirite? Luckily, there are a ton of workouts to do with a friend that will probably make you wonder why you ever worked out solo in the first place.

In fact, science totally has your back on this one. A little friendly competition at the gym can go a seriously long way for getting the results you want. A 2012 study from Kansas State University showed that partnering up with a pal can boost your workout intensity overall -- especially if you think your gym buddy is "better" than you are at whatever exercise it is you're doing together.

Plus, let's be real, the moral support that a #SwoleMate brings to the table (or, treadmill?) is just inspiring AF.

Here are five fun workouts to do with a friend that will motivate you on the laziest of days -- you know, when you need that inspiration the most.

1. Partner Pistol Squats

You'd think that subtracting a leg from the classic squat would make it easier, but these bad boys are challenging as all hell.

Luckily, you have your booty-sculpting buddy to cheer you on (or aggressively yell at you to keep going through sweat and tears -- either way).

Just be sure you and your partner both raise the same leg so you don't kick each other while doing this exercise.

(Yes, that has happened to me, and no, I don't want to talk about it.)

2. Plank High-Fives

TBH, whenever I'm doing planks, I feel like I always deserve a high-five when I'm done.

With this badass workout, you'll now have a planking pal to hit you up with all the high-fives your heart desires.

Plus, don't even get me started on that extra burn you'll feel in your biceps and shoulders each time you guys go for the high-five.

3. Partner Push-Up Squats

This workout seriously brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "teamwork."

Partner push-up squats are basically like the decline push-ups you might do solo on the gym bench. But we all know that sweaty dude who always hogs, like, five benches at a time for no apparent reason.

Peace out, dude. Who needs a boring bench when you have a friend who's constantly telling you how strong you are?

4. Squat Jump High-Fives

I know, I'm coming at you with even more cheesy high-five workouts. But trust me, you'll feel accomplished AF after a circuit of jump squats with your workout buddy right across from you.

I apologize in advance if your palms get all red and swollen from all these high-fives. But the burn in your quads should distract you from the pain, right?

5. Medicine Ball Twist Passes

True life: When I'm doing core exercises, I usually want to quit and take a power nap right there on the mat.

But if you're literally passing a medicine ball to your gym buddy, you can't just drop it and give up. Your partner keeps you accountable through the whole circuit on this one.

Double the muscle, double the motivation, amirite?