5 Fun Exercises To Get You And Your BFF Toned Together

I work out harder when my BFF is by my side.

She inspires me to try new things (Muay Thai, for example) and motivates me when I want to unwrap my boxing gloves before class is over. Plus, I like having a gossip girl by my side to take my mind off my aching legs.

Recently, my best friend and I have even begun syncing workouts in order to make gym time more fun. Partner tree poses and planks strengthen our bond and, quite frankly, make for better Snapchat stories. Make working out more fun and motivating by bringing the perfect date to your workout party, although you're spilling sweat rather than champagne.

To show you just how lit it is to exercise with a gal pal, I recruited Leigh, our health and wellness editor. Together, we tried out our favorite fitness buddy moves.

Back-To-Back Wall Sits

Celine Rahman

You have to really lean in to your friendship for this trust-testing exercise.

To begin, stand with your backs touching and feet shoulder-width apart. Slide down the imaginary barrier between you, until your hips and knees and feet are at 90-degree angles.

Don't fret if your partner's not strong enough to support your weight. If that's the case, slide down as far as you can and hold the pose for one minute. Either way, your BFF's got your back.

This exercise not only strengthens your bond, but also targets calves and quads to build overall endurance.

2. Booty Wave

Celine Rahman

Friends who tone their glutes together stay together.

For this sports-inspired exercise, lie down with your hands at your sides and the soles of your sneakers touching. Lift your legs to create a bridge.

Thrust your pelvic floor to the sky while tightening your stomach and bum, alternating with your BFF. Get tighter with your butt buddy as you lower and lift for three reps of 20.

3. Plank Patty Cake

Celine Rahman

Put a fit twist on a childhood hand game by adding a plank.

Assume a push-up position and suck in your stomach. Clap your right hand with your bestie's left, then repeat the same movement with opposite hands. Continue "playing" for one minute.

4. Hand-Clapping Burpees

Celine Rahman

Burpees hurt like hell, but the pain lessens a little when you're keeping in time with your favorite fitness partner.

Start this burpee remix with a clap, then lower into a squatting position. Thrust back into a plank, then jump up to a squat. Instead of hopping up, stand and clap. Do three sets of 10.

5. Crunch And Climb

Celine Rahman

Workout partners don't always have to do the same thing, so try a combination of crunches and mountain climbers done simultaneously.

To start, your partner should lie down on her back, feet together and knees bent. Using her knees for support, lean into a push-up style position and bring each knee up to your chest. You're basically running, so maintain a brisk pace.

As you're climbing, your partner should be crunching. When your legs and her abs start to burn, switch.