I Washed My Body With Kale For A Week And Got A Full Body Glow

Since skin is the body's largest organ, I've heard it said you shouldn't put anything on your skin that you wouldn't eat.

If you've heard this too, you've probably thought twice before lathering up with that strongly scented "Iceberg Vanilla Fusion" or whatever you have.

Just taking one look at the back of your body wash is enough to make me want to throw out my loofah and throw caution to the wind.

Fytt Beauty

But recently, skincare experts have come up with a solution. Green juice is not only good for your intestines, but for your skin.

FYTT Beauty is a brand new skincare line launching this week, inspired by inspired by the concept of feeding your skin nutrients.

I've noticed in all my years of experimenting with skincare that a lot of products serve as a short-term solution. They're not focused on what your skin really needs to stay fundamentally healthy in the long-term.

So I was relieved to find healthy ingredients packed with antioxidants on the bottle of FYTT's Hit Restart Detoxifying Body Scrub Treatment were actually things my body could digest.

The key ingredients in this magical green mixture include kale (with vitamin A, C & K for essential nourishment), spinach, spirulina (B complex vitamins for skin revitalization), cucumber (beta-carotene for anti-inflammation) and flaxseed (for detoxification).

You're basically juicing from the outside in.

FYTT Beauty

The trial:

It's actually as weird as it sounds. I couldn't wait to try it because I'm a rebel who is willing to throw caution to the wind in the name of skincare.

It took a good amount of self-control not to take a sip from the bottle the first night I got it, it just smelled so amazing.

Curiosity got the best of me, so i gave it a shot. Needless to say this shit is not for your mouth. It's not like I was eating clorox or anything, but I did end up with a shitload of sand in my throat. (FYI, I do not condone or recommend consuming this product.)

And yeah, I ate body wash. Go ahead and judge me if you want, but this is what journalism is now. It's not going to war torn countries; it's eating body wash and letting you people know that it's safe to use on your keratosis-covered arms.

I did it for you, the readers. And I did it for journalism.

My skin had a much easier time digesting it.

It actually felt as though my skin was EATING this stuff up. They recommend using it three times a week for exfoliation, which is great because how else was I gonna get rid of the 11 pounds of dead skin accumulating all over my body from a long, dry winter?

It's got a pretty rough consistency, so if you've got sensitive skin definitely go easy on the stuff. This isn't your average exfoliant. This is like little shards of dirt, or sand, or something like it.

That said, it's effective AF.

After a week of bathing in kale, I noticed my skin was significantly softer and I even got a few comments from my boyfriend, who asked me why I looked like a booger when I got out of the shower, and also noticed how smooth my skin had gotten.

A few things to note, because this stuff is like real deal food for your skin, you do take on a kind of green hue after using it. Although it doesn't stick around for long, it did freak me out.

What it WILL permanently stain is your tub. After two uses, my tub started looking like a dirty fish tank. Luckily, nothing a little Clorox couldn't take care of.

After a week of washing my body with the food I normally try to feed it, I'll say that it isn't a bad experience, although the maintenance is a lot.