9 Times Chilling In Your Bed Will Always Beat Going Out To The Bar

by Sam Maracic

Ah, the bar. A lovely little oasis of booze and brews.

It's a fun spot to socialize, kick back and of course, let loose a little.

But despite what most 20-somethings may have been told, there's another place that provides the same comfortable sense of freedom, relaxation and even — should you choose — consumption.

Plus, there's no dress code. (And I mean, that's a win.)

In fact, at this particular location, you can wear your pajamas, go braless or whatever else you're into. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

So, if the bar isn't exactly your shtick, or you're just thinking about switching things up, here at nine times when your bed (that's right, your bed) is a better spot than the bar:

1. When you're tired

Let's see: Does the bar provide a soft place to lay your head? What about a cozy blanket for you to cuddle up in?

The vino can travel, but the perfectly agreeable Bob-O-Pedic... well, not so much.

2. When it's raining

Tranquil as it may sound from the confines of your home, schlepping through rain ain't all it's cracked up to be.

Luckily, when lounging around in the comfort of your cozy comforters, there's nothing better than a little bit of rain.

Save the trudging and travel hassle for another broad because as far as I'm concerned, it's not happening.

Not today, sir. Not today.

3. When you have no money

As the old saying goes, “Love don't cost a thing.” And while this is probably entirely false in most scenarios, when it comes to your relationship with your bed, no statement could ring truer.

You can be broke as a joke, and your bed will still provide all of the love and affection in the world.

4. When you want to Netflix and chill

But literally.

When you want to binge-watch your favorite show, there really is no other option. "Stranger Things," "The Affair," "Game of Thrones" — the gang's all here!

5. When you're hungry

Thank you food delivery services for reminding us all that when you're lazy in modern America, you can still have it all.

And the best part? You don't need to plow your way through cold weather in pumps to do it. Am I right?

6. When the fridge is closer than the bar

It's the same concept, only more cost-effective. And hint: The fridge will always be closer than the bar.

7. When you feel like you have nothing to wear

I mean, in all reality, you do. This is the ultimate first-world problem. However, for argument's sake, let's just go with it.

As stated earlier, your bed doesn't judge. It doesn't care if your top is from Free People or Walmart, and it certainly doesn't mind if there are one or two food stains present.

Your bed loves you regardless.

8. When you don't feel like showering

Greasy hair and stank do not make a successful outing.

To be honest, this is more of a public service to the community than anything else. Staying clear of the masses is you simply doing your part.

9. When wine night at home with your ladies sounds way more fun

I hate to generalize, but I think it's safe to assume most of us hit the bar for one of two reasons: to socialize or to “socialize.” (Picking up what I'm putting down there?)

So, if the bar just represents an opportunity to hang out with your girlfriends, why not do it at home?

Once in a while, wine night with your girls comes second to none.

Plus, when it's all said and done, you're only a hop, skip and a jump away from a comfortable sleep (no Uber fare required).