10 Reasons Why You're Secretly Happy When It's Raining

by Elite Daily Staff

Whoever said they hated rainy days clearly did not spend enough time indoors as a child. Rainy days are the best! Who doesn’t love a real reason to stay in your pajama pants, cuddle up to someone (or um, in my case, something... like a book... get your head out of the gutter!) and take advantage of the crappy weather? People who are motivated to do things, that’s who. They suck.

For the rest of us, however, rainy days are as special as a government holiday. You can be a little extra lazy, take a little more time to get to places and, above all else, blame everything on the weather.

Here are the 10 reasons why you’re secretly glad it’s raining:

1. A viable excuse to stay in

Even the ragiest of Rage Nazis opts to stay inside when it’s pouring. Who would willingly put their fancy going-out shoes at risk?

And lucky for you, who didn’t even want to socialize in the first place, you finally have a legitimate reason not to wash your hair and whiten your teeth while cookies bake in the oven. It’s your dream night come true.

2. Listening to sad playlists

You love listening to that sappy Bon Iver album, but there’s never really been a right time to play it... until now.

The rainy weather is super fitting for tuning into all those slow songs and feeling depressed for no reason other than acoustics and harmonies. Who said you turn down for nothing?

3. Ordering in

Preferably something warm and highly caloric. We won’t be moving for a while.

4. Catching up on your Netflix queue

You’ve been meaning to watch that movie everyone saw except you (cough “Midnight in Paris” cough and I’m still not over it) for, no exaggeration, three years now.

Sorry world, but the sunshine will have to wait for at least two hours. You’ve got a hot date with your Netflix account and you’re not about to flake.

5. Comfy clothes

Those elastic waistband pants aren’t going to wear themselves. Everyone’s wardrobe gets a pass when there are puddles to dodge.

6. Everyone’s mood matches yours

For the first time, when you’re sad and proclaim that you’re “not in the mood,” neither is anyone else. And this ironically makes you happy. See what happens when you get what you wish for?

7. You can say the word “wellies”

Seriously, when is there ever an appropriate time to use the word “wellies” besides on a rainy day? Every instance this word is implemented, it should be a holiday -- or lunar eclipse.

8. Tap into your emo side

Sometimes we just want to brood and be miserable because it’s fun, okay? Feeling sad can also feel really, really good. Embrace the cold, dark skies, which are the perfect metaphor for your soul right now. Soooo, emo.

9. Cabbing

Justifying that $15 cab uptown just got a whole lot easier, despite the fact that hailing one will be a whole lot harder. Why subway when you can receive door-to-door service? Said every girl whose sh*t don’t stank, ever.

10. Dramatically staring out the window

Quick! Someone take a picture of me looking forlorn and contemplative while gazing out this windowsill so I can upload it to Insta! Promise I’ll give you photo cred, mmmm kay. #NoFilter. Rainy daze.

Photo via We Heart It