Why You Shouldn't Tell Someone With Depression To Just "Cheer Up"


Depression is a constant, dark overcast that follows you, your every breath, your every step, and your every move.

It's similar to a shadow, only it doesn't walk with your step; it moves against you.

Gripping you, sometimes breaking down your proverbial spine, it makes you feel as if you have no backbone to shake it off.

You can't “just shake it off,” because the chemical imbalance in your body does not work that way.

You could be in the middle of the most jubilant activity, surrounded by love, friends, and festivities, and it'll still loom, squeezing you to a manically somber pulp, so that the only thing left dripping is the energy you don't have to fight off these demons.

You handle it how you handle it, but people won't always understand how to handle you.

It's important to recognize that, if someone in your life has depression, you won't ever truly know the inner struggles they're going through.

But you can try to understand, and you can choose your words with care when you talk them through the difficult times.

Elite Daily spoke with a few experts to help you understand exactly what not to say to someone struggling with depression, and why you shouldn't say it.

Joshua Klapow, licensed clinical psychologist and associate professor of public health at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, says there are many "wrong" things to say to someone who is depressed.

He elaborates,

You should never makes someone feel like they are actually choosing to be depressed.

Klapow explains,

So, what should you say instead?

According to Dr. Carol Lieberman, M.D., a Beverly Hills psychiatrist and author, the best thing to say to someone suffering from depression is to simply let them know that you hear them.

She tells Elite Daily,

Sometimes, all you have to do is show someone you truly care about them, and show them their feelings are valid.

Hearing someone out and providing solutions can go a very long way.

Karen Whitehead, licensed master social worker, tells Elite Daily,

She goes on to provide some helpful examples of exactly what you can say to a friend battling depression:

Take it from these experts, and please, choose your words wisely.