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Natural Insomnia Remedies Your Body And Mind Will Thank You For

We've all been there: those nights where we stay up late tossing and turning, unable to find our peace of mind.

Maybe, it's problems with the person you're seeing that's keeping you up at night. Maybe it's troubles at work that's making it difficult for you fall asleep.

These kinds of nights are manageable when they happen every once in a while. You just promise yourself you'll go to bed early the next night.

But what happens when this problem happens to you over and over again? What happens when constant insomnia is getting the best of you?

This happened to me about one year ago. I just couldn't fall asleep for days. Then days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months.

I was a zombie during the day, relying on coffee and energy drinks to keep me up. I once knew someone who was addicted to melatonin, so I never wanted to go down that route. I decided there had to be some natural way to cure the horrible insomnia that had taken over me.

After doing extensive research, I realized there were many things I could do not only right before bed, but also daytime lifestyle changes that would help me fall asleep easier and faster.

For example, signing up for yoga classes was an extreme help. An early-morning yoga class set me up for a calm day ahead.

Also, only sticking to one cup of coffee a day and then slowly cutting coffee out entirely did wonders.

Right before bed, I started having a warm glass of milk. I know what you're thinking: This actually works?! Yes, it does. It actually helps produce melatonin naturally.

Counting sheep really does help, too. But, do it backwards! The complicated math problems help distract you from your daily worries.

Find out more ways to cure insomnia naturally by watching the video above.

Sleep tight!

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