Lifestyle — What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Drinking Coffee
by Isabella Roman

The amount of times I've heard my friends, my co-workers and my family say, “Don't talk to me before I have my morning coffee,” are infinite.

Coffee has become such a staple in our daily routines, without it, we feel lost and even sick. Everyone knows that coffee headache that creeps up around 11 in the morning if you forget to have your regular cup o' joe. It's a reminder your day does not start until that first sip of coffee graces your mouth.

Even though our generation drinks so much coffee -- I'm talking multiple cups per day -- there always seems to be a stigma around it.

There is that circulating rumor that says once you quit coffee, you will become healthier, but are these rumors true?

Will I eventually stop getting those 11 am headaches if I don't have my morning cup of java? How will I survive my day without seeing the baristas who know my order by heart and are genuinely (or this might be my imagination) happy to see me every day.

After a lot of research, it has been discovered the rumors are true: Quitting coffee DOES make you healthier and also happier. Check out this video to see some serious benefits that will come your way once you stop drinking coffee. You can do it!

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