6 Songs From Kesha's New Album That Need To Be On Your Next Workout Playlist


Real talk: I've never really been a big fan of Kesha. (I already know what you're thinking, so just don't even, OK?). But much like Justin swiftly converted me into being a true Belieber way back when, the songs from Kesha's new album Rainbow are literally all I've been able to listen to for the past three days. Plus, once I threw one of her new jams on during my last sprint on the treadmill, I realized how motivating these songs can be for a solid sweat sesh. Seriously, these Kesha songs from Rainbow for your workout playlist will transform your next trip to the gym.

TBH, this album made me involuntarily hop on a roller coaster of emotions, but I didn't regret it for even a single second. So, instead of crying in the corner about how many feelings you have over some of the more heartfelt new songs like "Praying," you can channel all your roller-coaster feels into your next workout.

Whether you want these jams to help you flow through a relaxing yoga routine, or you're looking for something to pump you up during a challenging HIIT circuit, your girl Kesha has you covered on all fronts. Here are six songs from her new album Rainbow that absolutely must make it onto your next workout playlist.

1. "Let 'Em Talk"

You know how burpees are like, the hardest thing ever? Well, I literally felt like I could do them for days with this jam on.

This song is basically the musical version of pre-workout, and I'm so, so here for it.

When I'm sore AF tomorrow, you better believe I'm blaming you, Kesha.

2. "Woman"

I seriously dare you not to dance all over the place when this song comes on.

"Woman" is a freaking iconic feminist anthem that's sure to make any bro in the gym shut his mouth forever about "girl push-ups."

As Kesha says, "I'm a mother-f*cking woman," and I can do as many push-ups as I set my mind to -- modified or not.

3. "Hymn"

"Hymn" is perfect for a cool-down stretch or a leisurely, low-intensity workout flow.

The steady beat is also ideal for trotting it out on the treadmill, or distracting you from that uncomfortable tightness during that hammie stretch.

4. Praying

No matter how many times my friends say it's starting to be over-played on the radio, "Praying" will always be my all-time fav on this album.

While it's not the most uptempo song on Rainbow, I personally think it's f*cking amazing for a long run. The song hits you right in your feels and makes those long strides feel as effortless as ever.

Plus, Kesha's epic high note toward the end combined with that runner's high? Endorphins -- and chills -- for days.

5. "Learn To Let Go"

I use this baby to power through deadlifts and jump squats, and honestly, I've never felt stronger.

This song is all about getting through tough situations in life, so what better time to listen to it than during the most intense day of your workout routine? You'll crush leg day like a freaking pro with this tune to keep you going.

6. "Rainbow"

As a yoga instructor, I'm always looking for a kickass playlist for my personal practice, and this song is perfect for the peak of a sweaty vinyasa flow.

Combining the emotional lyrics with some amazing heart-openers is sure to send chills down every single one of my students' spines.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've just got to figure out if that stuff on my face is sweat or tears.