6 Ways To Use A Pumpkin In Your Workout If You're Just That Excited For Halloween

by Georgina Berbari

Raise your hand if you're aggressively pumped for Halloween. Personally, as soon as Oct. 1 strikes, you can catch me at the pumpkin patch getting lit as hell. And, in the name of being as extra as possible this Halloween, once I pick the perfect sphere of orange perfection, you can bet I'll be figuring out how to work out with a pumpkin all month long.

Yes, I know, carving a pumpkin is fun and all (and don't you worry, you can cut right into that bad boy after your core circuits), but implementing your pumpkin into your sweat sesh will make working out spooky and festive AF.

Think about it: How many perfectly good pumpkins go to waste that you could be using for your Halloween-themed fitness #gains? Too many, and I will not stand idly by for it.

If you think I'm being overdramatic, The U.S. Energy Department has actually cautioned that when Halloween pumpkins are tossed, they end up in landfills and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. So, when you're done exercising with that bad boy, be sure to make the most if it by whipping up some delicious pumpkin muffins. Waste not, want not, right?

Bottom line: Pumpkins are surprisingly versatile AF, and when it comes time to sweat it out, they're basically just your average medicine ball with a casual stem.

Here are six exercises you can do with your freshly picked pumpkin to get into the Halloween spirit.

1. Lunge With A Twist

Get your pumpkin ready for the most action it's had in its life by standing tall and gripping the sides of your vegetable. Then get ready to make some boo-ty gains with a few sets of lunge twists (with your weighted pumpkin pal, of course).

Lunge backward with your right leg, and twist the pumpkin over your front leg.

If you want an extra challenge, extend your arms in front of you and keep them straight. Then, twist it out.

2. Upper Back Row

Work on your upper back with rows so you'll be able to carry two buckets of candy instead of just one. (Yes, I still go trick-or-treating in my 20s -- let me live.)

For this festive exercise, grab your pumpkin and make sure, as you hinge at your hips, you keep your back completely flat.

Reach toward the ground, and then bring it back up, bending your elbows as you move.

3. Tricep Squat

Tricep squats work your glutes and your arms. Plus, you'll be getting into the Halloween spirit, so you're basically a multi-tasking sensation.

Hold your pumpkin behind your neck, and pretend like you're sitting deep into an imaginary chair.

When you stand up, lift your pumpkin high, like it's Simba from the Lion King. Not exactly a Halloween classic film, but still one of my favs, OK?

4. Russian Pumpkin Twist

Your core will be on fire when you add your pumpkin to this major ab-sculptor.

Twist your body to the right and left, doing as many reps as possible until you basically feel like you're going to drop your pumpkin to the floor.

Make sure that instead of simply twisting the pumpkin, you're remembering to twist your entire upper body.

5. "Weighted" Pumpkin Jackknife

The name of this ab-burner is basically foreshadowing all the carving you're going to do pretty soon.

Lay on the ground and hold your pumpkin with straight arms, with your legs lifted slightly off the ground.

Then pull your body into a tight ball, before extending again.

6. Single-Leg Pumpkin Deadlift

Finish your Halloween-themed workout by securing your grip on your pumpkin, hinging at the hips, and raising one leg behind you.

Use your glutes and hamstrings to lift your entire body back up, maintaining a flat back.

Keep in mind, single-leg deadlifts require lots of balance, so make sure you practice sans pumpkin beforehand to avoid an unpleasant, seedy splat.