5 Spooky Workouts That Will Definitely Get You In The Mood For Halloween

by Georgina Berbari
Getty Images/ Sze Lung Ng/EyeEm

Raise your hand if you're pumped AF for Halloween. From costumes, to candy corn, to the return of your favorite creepy movies, Oct. 31 can't come fast enough, can it? TBH, the whole month of October is dedicated to Halloween in my eyes, but I can't even wait until then to start incorporating Halloween-themed exercises into my workout routine.

And no, I'm not talking about hitting up the weight room in your "Where's Waldo" costume. Although, honestly, I would probably approach you and ask if we could be best friends if you did. No, my spooky friends, I am talking about the many awesome Halloween-inspired exercises you can squeeze into your next sweat sesh to get into the proper spooky spirit of the season.

I know you're probably itching to go trick-or-treating (yes, I do still go in my 20s, fight me), but while you wait, these Halloween-inspired workout moves will put a fun twist on your usual routine. In fact, I'm sure you probably never even realized that these workouts already have mildly spooky names.

From dead lifts to boo-ty burners, here are five Halloween-inspired exercises that will get you into the spirit of the best holiday ever.

1. Spider Crawls

No matter how many creepy crawly creatures Halloween brings with it, spiders will always take the cake for the ultimate fear factor.

Honestly, those eight-legged demons scare the sh*t out of me, so I channel the spooky vibes into the gym by doing some spider crawls. For these bad boys, start in a high plank, and crawl across the floor like your favorite creepy-ass bug.

Travel the entire distance of your space, and maybe even challenge yourself by doing a backward crawl.

My spidey senses are tingling just thinking about this bad boy.

2. Dead Lifts

True story: I used to think the "dead" in dead lift was referring to how you would literally pass away if you did the exercise incorrectly and injured your back. Apparently, I'm super dramatic and wrong on every level, because it actually refers to the fact that the weight is chilling at a “dead” standstill before you pick it up and make those #gains.

Anyway, make sure you really engage your core and practice proper posture during this incredibly strengthening exercise.

And, yes, your legs might literally feel dead the next day, but I promise you will not actually die.

3. Dumbbell Axe Chops

Slap on a hockey mask and channel some major Friday the 13th vibes with this killer move. Or maybe don't, because you'll most likely get kicked out of your gym for doing so.

However, do make sure your feet are hip-width distance apart, and the weight is distributed evenly throughout your body as you sculpt your core with this spooky exercise.

4. Skull Crushers

The spooky name of this arm sculptor is honestly just what everyone needs to get hyped for Halloween-themed everything.

Squeeze in those #ArmGains with a few sets of skull crushers to make your arms look totally badass when you're doing all that pumpkin carving later this season.

5. Supermans

On the real, everyone has dressed up as a superhero at some point. The costumes are easy AF, and you feel like a totally real-life superhero badass in the process.

But, if you haven't hopped on the superhero costume train just yet, take your Halloween-inspired energy to the gym with this back-sculpting move.

You'll feel the burn during these bad boys, and if you throw a few of them into your workout every day, Halloween will be here before you know it.