5 Simple Home Workouts To Get You Started If You Never, Ever Work Out

Getting into the swing of a new fitness routine can be hard, especially when it seems like you're surrounded by people who look like they've been hitting the gym since they were practically fetuses. Whether you're intimidated to start working out because you don't even know where to begin, or you just find yourself making excuses every time you try to start a new routine, you've probably been procrastinating a quality sweat sesh for too long at this point. But, trust me, these home workouts for people who never work out are perfect for anyone who thinks they're not quite ready to navigate the weight room, but are still excited to get the ol' heart pumping.

As a beginner, all the fancy equipment and experienced fitness fanatics you'll find at the gym can be seriously overwhelming, which is why it's more than OK to try cultivating a routine in the comfort of your own home. These movements only require your own bod, a mat, and a little bit of motivation.

From boosting happiness to providing more restful sleep and increasing energy and focus, the benefits of starting a workout routine are hard to ignore, and will leave you feeling incredible once you decide to take the plunge.

Plus, if you can consistently manage to stick it out for roughly six to eight weeks, before you know it, your workout routine will become a habit, and your previously sedentary lifestyle will seem like nothing more than a distant memory.

So, whenever you're ready, these five simple home workouts will get you started on the path to making those juicy #gains.

1. Modified Plank

When it comes to planking, always remember less is more. This movement may seem super basic, but it targets basically every muscle in your body.

Holding a proper plank requires strength and endurance in multiple parts of your body, including your abs, back, and core, and trust me, you will feel it.

Don't be discouraged if you have to start on your knees at first. Working up to a plank takes practice, and there's no shame at all in modifying a workout move when you first try it. As your body grows accustomed to the movement over time, slowly aim to hold your entire body in a straight line.

2. Side-Lying Leg Lifts

Side-lying leg lifts target the abductors on the outside of your hips, along with your outer thighs.

This move is honestly bae, because it almost feels like you're laying down for a quality power nap, but you're actually working out with the least amount of effort possible.

When you first begin incorporating this move into your routine, make sure to give your muscles a rest and only perform this bad boy every other day to allow time for recovery.

3. Supermans

Contrary to popular belief, you don't actually need a fancy machine or heavy weights to work out your back. All you need is your own body -- oh, and some major superhero vibes.

The superman is one of the best back-strengthening exercises you can do, as it targets both your upper and lower back at the same time.

Plus, if you have any annoying back pain, or your muscles just feel particularly weak in this part of your body, adding this exercise into your routine just a couple times a week can really help to ease the discomfort.

4. Modified Push-Ups

I think we can all agree push-ups are difficult as hell. But this modification will help strengthen your arms enough to work your way up to this challenging move in no time.

Dropping down to your knees for this maneuver will target both your arms and chest, giving you a killer workout and slowly building the strength you need to do that full-fledged push-up one day.

5. Assisted Squats

You've got to start somewhere when it comes to the #BootyGains, and assisted squats are where it's at.

Grab any sturdy household prop that's available (such as a chair), and use it to assist you as you lower your body into each squat. Use the chair as much or as long as you have to, but when the movement starts to feel easy, that's your cue to step away and try a stand-alone squat.

Oh, and fun fact: You might think you're only sculpting your booty with this move, but squats actually build muscle all over the body.

So, even though you just started your fitness journey, you're technically already an overachiever. Change happens fast, amirite?