10 Closet Tweaks That Will Make Getting Ready In The Morning Less Painful


Let's do an exercise. Close one eye (so you can still read, of course) and imagine the situation below:

It's 7:30 pm, and you're putting on the finishing touches to complete your look for tonight's date.

Hair? Great. Face? Great. Outfit? Incomplete. He'll be arriving at 8 pm, and the only thing left to do is find something to wear. You take a deep breath, and open your closet door. All of the contents of your closet fall on you, and you end up spending what would've been a great night in the ER.

Weren't ready for that plot twist? No one is. Rummaging through the closet is most definitely on everyone's list of least-favorite things to do.

So, let's prevent future date nights from turning into a disaster. Here are some tips for a good closet cleanse:

1. The Process of Elimination

First things first, you must begin your closet cleanse by taking out items that you never wear.

This is easier said than done, I know, because we all tend to hold onto things that have sentimental value. But lets be real, you will never wear your prom dress from 2001 again, so toss it in your donation pile and start anew.

Keeping out of season clothing at bay will also help cut down your lack of closet space. “Where will I put them?” you question. Well, you can pack them in boxes, or vacuum seal them and tuck them under your bed, or you can just throw them out.

2. Buy Closet Organizers

If getting married to stores was legal, I would kneel down on one knee and propose to Ikea with no hesitation. In my eyes, it is the best store for quality decor and furniture that won't break the bank. I mostly use Ikea products in my closet because they have a minimalist design, and keep my closet tidy.

3. Break the Fold

Folding is one of my favorite ways to showcase all of my casual tops. I fold them in a standard manner so that they're all the same length and width, and then I place them into my Ikea closet organizer.

The finished product is a flushed look that unveils all of my favorite shirts, without concealing them in a drawer or on a hanger.

4. “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink”

Color coordinate your clothing like you're sitting with the Plastics from "Mean Girls" at lunch. This is an ideal method that allows those folded tops to be grouped together so that finding a particular shirt can now be easier than ever.

5. Denim Origami

In addition to folding down my shirts, I fold my jeans in order to save more rail space.

6. Frock Yeah

Bulky, lengthy items, like jackets, blazers, and dusters should be placed on hangers in order to leave shelf space for those aforementioned tops and jeans.

If you have short rails like I do in my closet, you can buy multilayer hangers online or at select stores.

7. No More Wire Hangers!

Stop using these now! And, to be honest, plastic hangers aren't any better. They snap in half with no effort. To prevent your trendy threads from falling to the ground invest in some quality hangers.

Sturdy wooden hangers provide a more polished look and have the strength to hold up heavy coats. Felt hangers preserve more space because of their slender design. There are even some cool, metal hangers on the market.

8. Racks on Racks on Racks

Shoe addict? Yeah, me too. You, most likely, believe that you cannot reasonably fit your overwhelming amount of shoes inside of your closet in an organized fashion -- wrong.

Adding a shoe rack to your closet can double the amount of floor space you have. You can neatly stack your shoes one pair over another and easily find the pair you need to wear without all the aimless searching.

Shoe hangers serve the same purpose -- they're useful to organize shoes that are difficult to keep together, like sandals, and flats.

9. Boutique Chic

One of my favorite methods of displaying and organizing my clothing is featuring my most beloved items of the season on an outside clothing rack. I find this ideal because finding the perfect outfit comes with more ease, all while giving your room boutique feels.

10. Bag Lady

Accessories like belts and scarves are always annoying to find dedicated spaces for. I solve this problem by placing my neatly coiled frills inside of a leftover shopping bag -- out of sight, yet easy to find.

I hope that these tips are useful to you and help prevent any date night mishaps from occurring. Cuffing season is swiftly approaching, don't let your closet be the reason that you spend cold nights alone.