Tis The Season: 7 Ways To Make Sure Your Cuffing Season Is A Successful One

by Sierra Paige Dennis

Alright, players, start your lineup. The winter is coming, and cuffing season is upon us.

What is cuffing season, you ask? Around the fall/winter season, after all the summer fun has been had, we transition into what is known as the season of "cuffing."

Why? Well, the weather is getting colder, and you want to keep warm with a significant other by your side, right? You now have to find the perfect person to cuff, or turn into your seasonal cuddle buddy.

Now, as silly as I believe cuffing season is, it does, in fact, have some good to qualities to it if you are single. We are heading into the season of pumpkin spice and everything nice, and having a boo to hold on to is something most people dream of on winter nights.

I have come up with seven ways to participate in cuffing season, to ensure you have a successful one.

1) Make sure you have a lineup in tact.

You had a great summer; the person you really liked is now headed back to school, and all the other people you were entertaining on the side are now potential cuffing season prospects.

Make sure, before you cuff one specific prospect, this person is someone you want to be dealing with all season. Don't accidentally start a Romo, and get stuck. Take it from a Cowboys fan, you don't need that in your life.

2) Make sure you even want to participate.

Hey, the season of cuffing isn't for everyone, and just because everyone else is participating doesn't mean you have to. You can use the winter time to save money, stay fit in the gym or sit somberly listening to "Nothing Was The Same," crying over that one person you miss.

Either way, don't do it because everyone else is doing it, do it for you!

3) Don't cuff someone if he or she doesn't want to be cuffed.

We've all liked someone and wanted to date him or her, but sometimes, the one you want just isn't ready to be cuffed. Make sure the person you choose is willing to participate in the season of cuffing before you involve your feelings. Both parties must have a mutual interest in each other.

4) Holidays are near; your cuffing buddy will bring cheer!

Hey, now, I'm not saying bring them to Thanksgiving dinner (unless it gets that serious), but there's nothing like spending the fall/winter season doing those fun, pumpkin patch activities or haunted house moments with a hottie you like.

Netflix and hot chocolate just seem a bit more fun when you're cuddled up with someone you can't get enough of. Make sure to enjoy your bae with fun dates and special moments.

5) Is he or she worthy enough to be number one?

Before betting all your money on one starter, make sure he or she has the qualities you want in a person. Is he or she someone you want to spend winter days with in bed?

Will he or she be willing to binge-watch all your Netflix favorites? Is bringing in the New Year with him or her even a possibility? Make sure you go over your evaluations thoroughly before the big cuff.

6) It's okay if it turns into love.

The whole point of "cuffing" someone is to have something long term with him or her. Don't let the term "season" make you shy away from a love opportunity if it arises.

If the person turns into a boyfriend or girlfriend, your cuffing season was a success!

7) It's okay if it doesn't turn into love.

Sometimes your favorite player has a bad season; it happens. Every year won't be a good year for the team. The great part is, there is always next time! Don't be down if it doesn't work out with your cuffing season babe because there is always next year!

Disclaimer: Participation in cuffing season is completely up to you. Please do not follow guidelines above if you are not about the cuffed life.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It