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Alix Earle holds up Berry Alixir, her new pre-workout and energy drink with AminoLean

Alix Earle Launches “Berry Alixir,” A Pre-Workout & Energy Drink Flavor

Plus, the TikTok star shares the self-care tips she swears by.

Elite Daily/ Chris Olfers

When Alix Earle shares her workout routine, TikTok immediately takes notes. “If Alix goes to the gym, I'm going to the gym,” one user commented on a video from Jan. 11. “ur so real for this bc its something i could actually do and not like a 2 hour model workout ty queen,” another said on her post from Nov. 28, 2022. Whether it’s her favorite exercises, her Starbucks order, or her beloved bronzing drops — the internet lives for the 22-year-old’s recs. And it’s no different when it comes to her go-to pre-workout brand AmnioLean, which makes frequent appearances in her GRWM videos and is featured in her Amazon storefront. Now, those who swear by Earle’s fave items are in for a major treat: The TikTok star is launching her own pre-workout and energy drink flavor — “Berry Alixir” — in a collab with AminoLean.

The limited edition berry-hibiscus flavor is now available nationwide and is vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free. The energy drink contains 200 milligrams of caffeine, which comes from green tea leaves and added aminos, and the powder, which has 125 milligrams of natural caffeine and 5 grams of vegan aminos like the brand’s other flavors, has a special addition: biotin, a vitamin that helps support healthy hair, skin, and nails.

If you’ve always thought pre-workout was too intimidating, you’re not alone. The University of Miami senior, who even enjoys it beyond the gym, once felt the same. “I honestly was super scared to ever use pre-workout,” she tells Elite Daily. “I didn’t really know too much about it.” Earle started working with AminoLean in October 2022 and “immediately fell in love” with the jitter-free energy product once she started taking it. The rest is berry-flavored history.

Below, Earle tells Elite Daily about creating the new flavor, managing her busy schedule, and her trick for getting motivated to hit the gym.

Chris Olfers

Elite Daily: Tell me about the creative process behind Berry Alixir — what was your favorite part?

Alix Earle: The taste testing was definitely my favorite part. I got to bring my friend, and we tried a bunch of different flavors. I did another round of testing with my family, so I had my dad and my stepmom there. I had my mom and my siblings try it. We went back and forth trying flavors — it was really a fun experience. When I did the energy drink testing with my friend, we had a whole little setup while we were trying flavors. We were eating food; we had snacks. It was a lot of fun.

ED: You got everyone involved. That’s great.

AE: Yeah, I wanted to make sure everyone liked it.

ED: Let’s talk about the flavor. How would you describe it?

AE: I don’t love super, super sweet drinks or flavors, but I feel like it has enough sweetness without it tasting too sugary. It's kind of like a berry, hibiscus, vanilla flavor.

I knew it was the flavor when I kept reaching back for it. I’m really excited. I love it and my friends who got to try it love it. So I’m really excited for everyone to give it a try and hopefully they love it too.

ED: How are your workouts different when you take pre-workout?

AE: I’m more energized and ready to keep going with my workout. A lot of the time when I get to the gym, I’m dreading it and yawning. Pre-workout is not anything too crazy where I’m freaking out and getting jittery or anxious. It’s just the right amount of energy for me to have a really good workout and stay pumped up the whole time.

ED: On those days where you don’t feel like going to the gym but you know it’ll make you feel better, what else motivates you?

AE: A lot of the time I’ll tell myself, “Just get yourself there. If you don’t want to do much, you just want to walk on the treadmill, you can do that, but just get yourself there.” And then once I’m in the gym, I definitely feel more motivated to work out and get a good routine in.

ED: You’ve posted your workout routine a few times where you do the elliptical, the leg machine, an ab workout, a butt workout. Have you added anything new to the mix lately?

AE: I’ve been doing the stair stepper recently. I honestly find a lot of stuff through YouTube or TikTok. If I’m scrolling through my For You page and I see someone do a butt routine or leg workout or just something I haven’t tried before, I’ll save it. And then when I’m at the gym, I’ll go back to it. So I’m always changing it around a little bit, but primarily it stays the same routine.

ED: Are there any workouts that you think are overrated or don’t enjoy?

AE: I personally don’t like running. I especially don’t like running on a treadmill — running outside is a little bit better — running on a treadmill gets boring for me.

ED: I constantly see comments on your videos that are like “Oh, my gosh, how do you have so much energy? I’m so impressed.” How do you power through the day?

AE: Caffeine definitely helps, but I just genuinely love everything that I’m doing, and everything is so exciting to me that I don’t mind if I’m a little tired and have to have an energy drink to get myself up and going. I’m enjoying everything I’m doing.

ED: Between school, travel, and events, your schedule looks jam-packed on TikTok. What’s it really like?

AE: Yeah, it’s pretty busy. Every day pretty much it’s wake up, school, work, eat, hang out with friends, go to the gym, lay out at the pool, cleaning, laundry, and whatever comes that day — if I’m traveling somewhere that day or going out that night.

ED: What do you prioritize?

AE: It’s a lot right now with school, but my classes come first because school’s super important to me, and I want to graduate and get good grades. So I have class, and then around my class, I have work. Besides that, I fill in the extras: hanging out with my friends and going out, laying out, going to the beach. That’s kind of the order I go in.

ED: What about your phone? Are there times where you try to put it away?

AE: I feel like I constantly need to be on my phone at some point and answering. Different people are making sure I know what’s going on. But TikTok can definitely be a little bit addicting when I sit down and start scrolling. So I try not to come home and let myself sit down in bed and go on TikTok because I know I’ll probably be there for an hour.

ED: What are some self-care tips you swear by?

AE: Trying to stay active and get outside definitely helps me a lot. Or going on a walk if I’m feeling stressed out, which is why I love being in Miami because I’m able to go outside a lot. The weather’s always beautiful here. It’s important to make sure you’re staying active in some aspect, getting outside, and being alone in your own thoughts for a minute.

ED: How do you typically recover after trips with friends or brands?

AE: Making sure I get a good night of sleep when I get back. I have good food; I like to do my laundry and clean my room and then take a nice shower. That definitely helps me feel a lot better.

ED: What about after a night out with friends? What are your go-to hangover cures?

AE: I love an ice roller and eye patches. Definitely my go-to.

ED: Have you ever tried any “out-there” wellness trends from TikTok?

AE: I’ve tried one drink that’s supposed to be good for your digestion. It was ginger, lemon, kale, and turmeric. It was a really spicy drink to get your digestion going.

ED: Any good?

AE: I liked it.

ED: You live with other girls, which seems so fun. Have you picked up any wellness habits from your roommates?

AE: In terms of cooking, I have, because a lot of them cook often and they make really good healthy meals too. So it’s definitely fun when someone has a really good recipe and we’ll kind of join in on it.

ED: Speaking of, TikTok is loving the healthy recipes that you’ve been sharing lately, along with your Trader Joe’s hauls. Do you have a favorite healthy snack at the moment?

AE: I love the Trader Joe’s pretzel chips and their vegan caramelized onion dip. It’s so good.

ED: Oh, I’ve seen that. It looks great.

AE: It’s my favorite. And I always love cold cuts like turkey or salami. It’s kind of weird, but it’s my go-to snack.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.