If you're wondering where to get the versed headband that Xandra Pohl wears, here are some dupes you...
Here’s Where TikTok Creators Are Getting The Viral Bubble Headband

These GRWM staples start at just $3.

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The viral bubble headband has quickly become a supporting character in almost every GRWM TikTok. The bubble headband TikTok trend has become so popular that other creators have started mocking the headband’s oversized shape with their own parody videos. But where are creators getting their bubble headbands online? Xandra (@xandrapohl) is a huge fan of the Versed bubble headband, sporting a mint green one in a majority of her TikTok videos. However, that particular $15 Good Hair Day headband isn’t currently in stock, making it a little harder to get in on the trend.

Versed’s viral bubble headbands aren’t currently available on the site for purchase, and it’s a bit of a hassle to score one. In order to get your hands on the same skincare headband as Xandra, you need to sign up for their Versed newsletter to know when it becomes available, or join their rewards program to rack up points with each purchase. Once you have 200 rewards points, you can order a black Good Hair Day headband for yourself.

Let’s face it, that seems like a lot of work when there are plenty of bubble headband dupes out there you can add to cart today. These viral makeup headbands may not be the exact brand Xandra uses, but they look just the same, come in a variety of cute colors, and won’t cost you more than a Starbucks latte or two.

Save Some Money With This Amazon Version Of The Viral Bubble Headband

Lifestyle and wellness influencer Meagan Ivory (@meagan_ivory) has this Versed bubble headband dupe in her LTK shop. The spa headband is just $8 on Amazon and comes in five colors. While Meagan lists the pink as her go-to, the green might be closer to Xandra’s headband.

Get A Set Of Bubble Headbands From Amazon

On @thebeautynurse’s LTK shop, she’s found the viral skincare headband in two places online. The first is another Amazon find that’s a much better deal and will get delivered to your door faster. This set from NGDN comes with three spa headbands in different shades for just $15. That’s the price of just one headband from Versed.

And while the previous Amazon headband is expected to deliver in a month, this one is available in less than two weeks.

Choose A Fun Color From These Walmart Bubble Headbands

The other spa headband listed on @thebeautynurse’s LTK shop is from Walmart. It comes in pink, white, blue, green, and black, giving you a few options to choose from.

Get Your TikTok Headband ASAP From Amazon

TikToker @allisonknipe found a Versed headband dupe on Amazon that’s available for Prime shipping. Of course, it’s a bit more pricey, but it’s worth it to get your bubble headband ASAP. The light pink shade is going to cost you the most, but there is also a black, blue, and pink option for just $13 each.

Stock Up With This Pack Of Headband Dupes From Amazon

“Why can I not wait to do my makeup and my skincare with one of these on?” TikToker @hellomandyo asked after getting these Versed makeup headband dupes in the mail. Also from Amazon, this pack of three terry cloth headbands is perfect if you’re looking to stock up. She even recommended these wrist wash bands ($16) in her Amazon storefront, which are also going viral on TikTok and match.

Accessorize With This Headband Dupe From Walmart

Another Walmart find is this Versed headband dupe. TikToker @alysamaebeck found these in store, but they’re also available for shipping online. They’re so cute that you may want to buy two — one for your skincare routine and one for wearing out.

Go For Green With This GRWM Headband Dupe

Beyond Scrunchies was such a fan of the viral makeup headband that they created their own. While they have the same shades of pink, white, black, and blue that can be seen almost everywhere else, their green shade is more unique. It’s not quite the same hue as Xandra’s green Versed headband, but it’s pretty close.

Stay Budget-Friendly With This Cheap TikTok Dupe

The most affordable of the TikTok headband dupes is this one from Shein. It’s just $3! It also comes in three shades — blue, white, and black. The only downside is that from TikToker @mimbeauties’ video, it looks like it’s made of a velvet material rather than terry cloth.

If you’re not worried about that and just looking for a headband to get your hair out of your face, this super cheap option is the one for you.