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5 Witch Makeup Looks For Halloween That Are Too Ghoul

I put a spell on you.

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Some people, like me, identify as witches in everyday life (Alexa, play “I Put A Spell On You” by Nina Simone), but it’s fun to take on another witch persona every year when Halloween rolls around. The last day of October is the one day of the year you can actually don a black cape dress and pointy hat without getting so many stares. Dressing up as a witch on All Hallows’ Eve might seem overdone to some, but with these five different witch Halloween makeup ideas, you can put your own fresh and unique twist on a super classic costume.

Whether you want to be a glam witch, a character witch (Winifred Sanderson or Marnie Piper, anyone?), or any other witch of your choosing, let these unique witch makeup ideas help inspire you to unleash the witch within. Some use the makeup skills that you probably have under your belt already, while others are a bit more complicated. Either route you take, though, is sure to lead to a spooky good time. Grab your broom and take notes because this Halloween we’re going to party like it’s the 20th century again. Don’t forget your cauldron and spell book, either.


Goth Witch Makeup

Got some black lipstick and black eyeliner? Then you can do this look no problem. You can also pull some goth witch looks from your closet. Reach for a black button-down blouse or sweater, any black crop top or sports bra to wear underneath, and add some tights with shorts or a skirt with your favorite combat boots.

Drawing the half moon on your forehead and making your eyes pop is a simple way to drive the goth point home. Your friends will be coming to you for advice on how to concoct love spells all night long, so get ready for the attention.


Glam Witch Makeup

Even bad witches can look good with the right makeup. It doesn’t matter what your spell specialty is, you can still look like a million bucks with the right smokey eye. If you really want to go all out, add in some cheap hair extensions to get a truly witchy look. Pop on your favorite fall hat, or find one at the local thrift store, and pair it with just about any outfit you’d like. Since you’re the witch here, you call all the shots.


Love Witch Makeup

Inspired by Anna Biller’s 2016 flick by the same name, this Love Witch costume draws inspiration from the movie’s lead character, Elaine (played by Samantha Robinson). This movie is all about a woman so bewitched by love that she constantly gets away with the murder of men who pass through her life. Even though there’s a dark twist to the film, Elaine looks glam AF throughout the entire movie. Get a fabulous blue eyeshadow look to go with your black bell-sleeve dress, or channel Elaine at tea with a frilly pink frock and oversized derby hat.


Wicked Witch Of The West Makeup

Is there any witch more classic than the Wizard of Oz’s Wicked Witch of the West? If you’re bad at makeup but still want to do something that stands out, slather green face paint all over your face, neck, and hands before doing your makeup as you normally would. You’ll look spooky, and everyone will instantly know who you are without having to spend hours drawing your face on.


Touch Of Magic Witch Makeup

If going fully green in the face just isn’t for you, try this unique take on a witch that pairs some glam makeup with spooky accents. Play up your eyes, don a black lip, and then use orange or amber eyeshadow to dust under your eyes, on your cheeks, and on your nose. Complete the look by drawing some dots with liquid eyeliner under your eyes, and add creepy characters to your body like spiders, cobwebs, or bats.

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