The Betsey Johnson x Urban Outfitters Collection Is Chock Full Of '90s Nostalgia & Cute Summer Dresses

Courtesy of Betsey Johnson x Urban Outfitters

Attention, fashion lovers: It's a great day to be us! I'm literally geeking out over news of the latest from design legend Betsey Johnson, and the fact that she's teaming up with one of my go-to retailers makes it all even better. Wondering where to buy the Betsey Johnson x Urban Outfitters collection? Along with online at the UO website, the too-cute-for-words collab will be available in select Urban Outfitters stores throughout the USA and Canada soon, so if you've been waiting for the chance to channel OG Betsey vibes with new outfits, now is your chance. Prepare for a summer of flirty patterns and '90s slipdresses.

While I was a die-hard fan of Betsey Johnson's playful, edgy designs in my youth, I was too young to appreciate the designer's iconic Spring-Summer fashion show back in 1997 when it made the Betsey Johnson look so iconic. It was one of her most acclaimed collections, of course, so it only makes sense that Johnson decided to revive some of its most popular pieces for her 2019 collab with Urban Outfitters. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Of course, the dresses will have an updated twist, but they're all classic Johnson at heart, and my nostalgia can hardly handle it. So good.

Every piece has that special Betsey Johnson ~something~ that makes it girly and punky and fun, all at the same time:

Courtesy of Betsey Johnson x Urban Outfitters

The collection of ten dresses launches in stores on May 20th, and it's already available for pre-order online. The vibe is heavily 1990s-inspired, and my tween heart could've only dreamed to stumble upon pieces like this whilst shopping at my local Urban Outfitters! TBH, my currently-24-years-old heart is equally thrilled.

There's lots of pink, and of course, some fun, bold patterns, as evidenced by the Betsey Johnson UO Exclusive Burnout Heart Mesh Trim Mini Dress ($99,

Bright colors, too — I'm living for the slime green Betsey Johnson UO Exclusive Mesh Trim Mini Dress ($79,

Next time I have an event, you best believe I'll be rocking the angelic Betsey Johnson UO Exclusive Allover Bow Mini Dress ($89, That detail, tho:

There's something for everyone in terms of style in the collection, and the pricepoints vary quite a bit, too. A simpler piece might be priced at around $79, while a more ornate dress — you guessed it, the pink wonderland that is the Betsey Johnson UO Exclusive Prom Queen Strapless Chiffon Midi Dress ($350, — can reach $350. As for sizing, all the pieces are available in XS-XL.

Can we rewind back to my senior prom? It's important, thanks:

Seriously, I'm about to start socializing just so i have an excuse to wear these dresses. They're that good! Who doesn't love a little '90s realness?

Betsey, if you're reading this, never stop making cool, fun clothes:

I can only pray that the tweens of 2019 understand how cool it is that this iconic designer has blessed their local Urban Outfitters stores with her magic. However, I also pray said tweens don't snatch everything up before I get the chance to buy a slip dress or two for myself.