Boo baskets make perfect party favors at a Halloween party with your friends

These Skin Care Boo Baskets Are The Perfect Halloween Treats For Your Besties

All these products are scary good.

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Some people are generally amused by Halloween while others have their apartment fully decorated with cobwebs and twinkle lights by Sept. 10 (*raises hand*). If you fall into the latter category, you’re likely already planning a fall-themed night in with your besties, where you snack on Halloween treats and watch your favorite lineup of Halloween horror movies. If you’re feeling extra festive this year, you might even want to make some skin care-themed boo baskets for your girls. This way, you can throw on a face mask and detox your pores while you watch Hocus Pocus for the 25th time. After all, there’s nothing like watching three fading witches suck the youth out of children to remind you it’s probably time to exfoliate.

Boo baskets are like little Halloween party favors where you can throw in candles, candy, and skin care products like face masks and cleansers to share with your friends. If you need some help coming up with fun Halloween gift ideas, here are three Halloween-themed, skin care boo baskets you can curate to surprise your besties with when they come over in the fall.

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The Detox Boo Basket

The start of September unfortunately means summer is over, and if you spent the warmer months at the beach or at all-night roof parties, your skin is probably begging for the reset button. Start this skin care boo basket by throwing in a mini, travel-sized cleanser and some makeup wipes, so you can prep your skin for a little face mask session. Reach for a mask like Hanacure’s All-In-One Facial ($29, Hanacure), which is perfect for a night Halloween night in. As it dries, the mask actually tightens and pulls your skin, making you look like a zombie who’s thirsty for human flesh.

The Brightening Boo Basket

Don’t let your skin’s summer glow fade in the drying winter months ahead. Right now, it’s prime time to focus on brightening products and treatments that reveal your skin’s natural radiance... just before you completely ruin it by slathering on Party City face paint to be a witch for the fourth year in a row on Halloween night.

When curating a brightening boo basket, look for products with ingredients that help brighten and boost your skin’s natural glow, like vitamin C and E, niacinamide, and azelaic acid, to name a few. Throw in a cute, canned mimosa to stay on the vitamin C theme (orange juice counts!), and add in a few fruity products, like Glow Recipe’s Pineapple-C Bright Serum ($49, Glow Recipe), jelly fruit slice snacks, and a fruity hair mask.

The Dawn Of The Dead Boo Basket

Slough off your old, cracking zombie skin and reveal your inner sorceress with this boo basket that’s all about exfoliation. Add in the viral Baby Foot Original Exfoliant Foot Peel ($20, Ulta Beauty) so you and your crew can be truly grossed out at the amount of skin you shed over the next few days. Light a rebirth candle to symbolize the metaphorical shedding of dead weight in your life, and top it all off with a lactic acid-infused facial peel that will exfoliate excess sebum, dead skin, and more off your face, leaving you feeling radiant and reborn.

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