10 Fashion Boo Basket Ideas That'll Make You Stylish Friends Scream

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Do you ever just want to tell a friend, "Hey, I think you're spooky cool?" Or just show that you appreciate their witchy ways? Well, you can do all that and spread some Halloween cheer by sending them a fashionable Halloween boo basket. Considering you won't be able to haunt the streets with your friends like in Halloweens past, given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, sending your friend a few treats will ensure they know you're thinking of them, even if you're only together in spirit.

A boo basket is a little care package people send out around Halloween with themed gifts. If you get one, you're supposed to continue spreading the spooky feels by sending out a boo basket or two of your own. But after loading up your basket with candy, you may be looking for something to add a little something to really make it pop. Luckily, there are plenty of stylish touches you can add to your spooky care package.

If your friend is a total Sanderson sister or is all work and no play, I have the extra touch your boo basket needs. Your friends deserve the best, and you can send them all the spooky vibes they need with a fashionable boo basket that speaks to their sartorial sprit. Check out all the stylish boo basket ideas you could ever want below.

For The Spirit Halloween Obsessives:

Literally nothing says it's Halloween like a Spirit Halloween store. The storefronts always seem to pop up right as fall starts — everyone's favorite signal of everyone's favorite season. Dumbgood's Spirit Halloween Logo Black Tee ($36, Dumbgood) is a topical Halloween option that will be fun to rock from fall and beyond.

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For the Movie Marathoner:

Some people love nothing more than to spend their October cuddled up on the couch watching scary movies. And, especially in quarantine, everyone needs a new pair of sweatpants. To kill two birds with one stone, send your loved one a themed pair of sweatpants.

For the Sanderson Sister:

There are some people who look forward to Halloween just so they can watch Hocus Pocus. But with a cast that includes Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy, the obsession is only fair. Adding a Sanderson Sister T-shirt ($14, Teepublic) to your boo basket will let your friend know, not only do you remember what they're all about, but you're more than willing to join them on a mission for eternal youth.

For The Witches:

Everyone knows at least one person who is totally witchy in a good way. If your friend loves tarot, crystals, or some light spells, you know they love they love their craft, which is why the Witch Crafts T-shirt ($23, Hot Topic) would be perfect for them. The design of a witch busy at work cutting out spooky shapes is super cute. And who doesn't love a play on words?

For Those Who Love The Horror Of It All:

Not everyone loves horror movies, but for the people in your life who can't get enough, Dumbgood's Friday the 13th Axe Tee ($36, Dumbgood) captures the most dramatic part of the movie. Jason is swinging his axe over the foreboding text any and all horror movie lovers will know and love.

For The Pumpkin Kings:

Everyone needs a jacket in the fall, and you don't want to ruin your costume with an off-theme coat. Consider sending a warm embrace to your friend in the form of a Nightmare Before Christmas Jacket ($39, BoxLunch).

For Those Who Need A Little More Holiday Spirit:

You may have some friends in desperate need of some Halloween cheer. Like, for example, if one of your friends told you they're not dressing up this year. I know, right? Blasphemy. But you can send them a not-so-subtle hint in the form of a Jack O'Lantern dress to let them know that's not going to fly.

For The Person Who Just Needs A Break:

You probably know someone who's been working their tail off. If you want to tell them it's time to rest their bones, a pair of Halloween-themed pajamas would, I'm sure, be a welcome respite from all the fuss.

For The Classics Person:

There's no horror like your first horror, and you can pay homage to a series that started it all by sending your loved one a Goosebumps Monster Sweatshirt ($40, Kohl's). It takes me right back to when my mom took away my Goosebumps books because they gave me nightmares. Ah, the good old days.

For The Ghostly Cold:

I live for ugly Christmas sweaters, but they only have a shelf life of about a month, give or take, which is a major bummer. Luckily, the ugly sweater train has more than one holiday, and you can gift a loved one a kitschy Pumpkin Patch Halloween Sweater ($50, Halloween Costumes). This sweater gives me serious mall portrait-vibes the way only a very themed sweater can.