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These 'Legally Blonde' Boo Basket Ideas Will Have Your BFFs Thinking Pink

It's been almost 20 years since the release of one of the greatest comedies of all time: Legally Blonde. It feels like just yesterday Elle Woods was crushing it at Harvard Law with her bright pink outfits, orange iBook, and sweet Bruiser by her side. That's probably because you're still quoting the movie with your BFFs on the reg, which is why you'll need some Legally Blonde-inspired boo basket ideas this Halloween season.

With the Legally Blonde cast reuniting virtually for the 20th anniversary of production and the announcement of a Legally Blonde 3 release date, a Legally Blonde surprise for your BFF makes perfect sense. If you're thinking pink like Elle's enviable wardrobe, put together a basket that's filled with a pink candle, pink fuzzy pens, and pink sunnies for days lounging in the sunshine on the lawn. You can even treat your friend to a basket filled with essentials for a Paulette-inspired manicure.

Once you have a theme in mind, arranging everything together will be seamless. ("What, like it's hard?") To help start you off on the right foot, refer to these five Legally Blonde ideas for inspo that will totally make your friend's day.

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The "Think Pink" Basket

Just looking at Elle's dorm and wardrobe would have any pink lover feeling envious. If your friend is always thinking pink, surprise them with a basket filled with goodies in their fave shade. Include a pair of pink sunglasses ($30,, a cozy Pink Moon candle ($48,, and a pink fluffy pen ($5, that looks just like Elle's.

The "Paulette Salon" Basket

For a basket that will make your friend want to "bend and snap," give them everything they need for a Paulette-like manicure. You'll need cute nail polish ($11,, a hot pink file ($8,, and some Legally Blonde nail decals ($8, Include a personalized pouch ($48, for them to keep their nail essentials in, and you're set. *Snaps*

The "Harvard Law 101" Basket

The fall means it's back-to-school time. Make sure your friend has everything they need to nail their classes this semester — just like Elle — with a Harvard basket. Take notes from your school supplies list, and add an Elle Woods notebook ($13,, brand new set of colorful gel pens ($14,, and a cozy Harvard crewneck for school spirit.

The "Delta Nu" Basket

You think of your friend as your very own sister, so why not send them a Delta Nu-inspired basket that any of Elle's sorority sisters would love? Be sure to include a pink pool float ($4, for lounging on. Then, sprinkle in some sisterly love wall art ($5,, pink face masks $4,, and a hot pink bath bomb ($16, with a surprise pink ring — like Delta Nu's — inside.

The "Brooke Butt-Busters Workout" Basket

Does your friend love working out? If so, surprise them with a workout basket inspired by Brooke. Include some super chic athletic wear like a pink leggings and long sleeve set ($49, with an adorable pink scrunchie ($16, Don't forget a water bottle ($35, in their fave color for staying hydrated, and pumpkin spice cookies ($22, for a post-workout treat.