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The 2022 Fenty Berry Holiday Collection

Rihanna's Fenty Berry Holiday 2022 Collection Is Going To Sell Out

Wishing you and yours a berry Fenty holiday.

She may never drop that ninth album, but Rihanna isn’t one to leave her fans disappointed. The 2023 Super Bowl headliner’s brand, Fenty Beauty, just dropped its holiday collection and there is so much here to love. The lipsticks, glosses, highlighters, and blush in the 2022 Fenty Berry Holiday Collection are guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit (sorry, Halloween) and each product is deliciously priced under $40. Even though ‘tis the season of giving, you’ll probably feel inclined to be pretty selfish while enjoying this latest Fenty Beauty drop.

Fenty Beauty’s latest collection theme is “Berry Much Holiday,” which is a nice break from the standard — but still good! — holiday-themed collection colors of red, white, and green. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of folks stan a matte red Rudolph lipstick, but the shades in the Fenty Berry Holiday Collection are a seasonal standout. Rihanna has created new pink shades ranging from rich to rosy for everyday wear. She’s even paired some new creations with Fenty Beauty’s cult classics, so you can snag an old fave while trying out something new.

All in all, the Fenty Berry Holiday Collection is the perfect combination of old and new featuring a fresh twist. Even though it’s still October, you can start the holiday season off right by checking out all the details below.

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

What’s included in the Fenty Berry Holiday Collection?

Fenty’s latest drop has eight lippies. There are three new semi-matte Fenty Icon lipstick shades — Loud Speak’r, a pink berry; Rowdy Roadie, a rich plummy red; and Crowd Surf’r, a pinky plum — that you can get in unique, berry-colored refillable tubes. If you’re feeling like a full-size lipstick isn’t the move, the collection also includes a Lil Icons Mini Semi-Matte Lipstick Duo. This duo combines two Fenty Icon bestsellers — Scholar Sista and The MVP — shrunken down to ideal stocking stuffer size.

Next up, there’s the Glossy Posse Volume 5.0, a set of three lip glosses. It includes the beloved Cakin’, a dusty, rose, and Fenty Glow, a classic, sheer fawn shade, as well as a new shade, Fuchsia Flex. For all the radiance you’ve been dreaming of, there’s the Mini Fluid Freestyle Highlighter Duo, bringing together Hu$tla Baby and the new Sandy Peach, a go-to rose gold. Both are buildable, so you can be as extra as you want for every holiday event you have planned. Lastly, there’s the Double Cheek’d Up Freestyle Cream Blush Duo with two new blushes: Mali’booze and Peony Droppa.

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How much does the Fenty Berry Holiday Collection cost?

Like all of Fenty Beauty’s goodies, this latest drop isn’t too expensive. In fact, no product is over $40. Each of the Fenty Icons is $20 and the Lil Icons Mini Duo is $24. The glowing, shimmering Mini Fluid Freestyle Highlighter Duo costs $22. To get your blush on with the Double Cheek’d Up Blush Duo, you’ll have to shell out $34. The Glossy Posse Volume 5.0 has the highest price tag at $38, but given that it includes three full-sized glosses, it’s definitely worth the mini splurge.

When does the Fenty Berry Holiday Collection drop?

The Fenty Berry Holiday Collection is out now on Fenty Beauty’s website, so there’s not a minute to delay. This deliciously berry-filled line is up for grabs, and if you want to be among the first to snag it all, head over ASAP.