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Nicola Peltz, with bleached eyebrows, attended the Givenchy Womenswear Spring/Summer 2023 show as pa...

Nicola Peltz Bleached Her Eyebrows For Paris Fashion Week

Brows or no brows, she can’t quit matching ‘fits with Brooklyn Beckham.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Since marrying Brooklyn Beckham in April, Nicola Peltz has been making big beauty moves, starting with ditching her signature blonde hair over the summer. Now, she’s undergone another major hair change. Peltz showed off a pair of freshly bleached brows during Paris Fashion Week while wearing, not one, but two, matching ‘fits with her husband Brooklyn Beckham. Her super light eyebrows were nearly impossible to make out, giving her a total browless look à la Doja Cat. She, or, more likely, a very talented stylist, definitely didn’t skimp on the bleach.

In the past, Peltz has always seemed to love showing off her brows, and the Transformers: Age of Extinction actor has tried a variety of brow shapes and shades. Throughout her style journey, Peltz has mainly tweaked her brows’ color to match her hair. Lately, she’s stuck to a brushed-up soapbox brow look, so this level of dramatic bleaching is a decidedly big move. The 27-year-old revealed her daring new look on Sunday, Oct. 2, while attending the Givenchy and Valentino Spring/Summer 2023 runway shows with her husband. For each appearance, the couple donned matching outfits, but even with all the adorable twinning, Peltz’s bleached brows stole the show.

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For Givenchy, Peltz and Beckham donned sharply tailored suits with chunky jacket fasteners that showed off their uncuffed shirtsleeves. Even their heights were identical, thanks to a pair of platform boots worn by Peltz. Granted, Peltz’s white button-down featured an interesting cutout under the collar, while Beckham’s fit was more classically tailored, but it was still a major matched-up moment. Peltz’s makeup at the Givenchy show was as sharp as her suiting. Her winged eyeliner look was dramatic and dark, perfectly offsetting the lightness of her brows.

Husband and wife toned down the twinning for their appearance at the Valentino show. They both rocked blue jeans in a nearly identical wash, but while their tops were both beige accented with black, the colorway is about all they have in common. Peltz’s floral top was completely sheer while Beckham opted for a beige plaid jacket with a white T-shirt beneath.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Once again, Peltz’s glam accentuated her brow-free look. Celebrity MUA Emily Cheng made Peltz’s white brows pop using a blend of warm tones and stark black eye makeup. Based on close-up photos, it looks like Cheng pulled the warmth from Peltz’s terra cotta blush up to her eyes with bronze eyeshadow before layering on a few coats of black eyeliner and mascara. The combination creates a ton of contrast and a very bold look.

Despite starting years ago, the bleached brow trend keeps drawing in new celebs. At this point, it’s almost easier to list celebrities who haven’t taken the bleached eyebrow plunge rather than those that have. The newly browless Peltz is in good company, alongside Dove Cameron and her DIY-bleached brows, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Julia Fox. Since the Beckham-Peltzs seem so inclined to matching moments, could Mr. Beckham-Peltz be the next celeb to hop on the bleached brow train?