It Won't Take Long For A Libra To Decide They Love These Necklaces

The Libra in your life deserves these.

Libra season is officially here, and from Sept. 23 to Oct. 22, it’s all about finding harmony and balance in your social life. And while you’re busy finding the harmony and balance within, Libra season is also a time to celebrate all your Libra friends’ birthdays. Relationships mean the world to Libras, so you don’t want to leave your air sign hurting by forgetting to give them a gift. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, you can’t go wrong with a Libra necklace.

Since Libras are ruled by Venus, this air sign has a deep love for material possession, especially those of the more luxurious sort. So, if you want to impress your Libra loved one, you’ll have to bring out the big guns. Luckily for you, nothing says trendy, timeless, and splendid like a zodiac necklace.

There are quite a few necklace designs you can choose from when it comes to finding the perfect Libra necklace. You could get the Libra constellation, the scales, the symbol itself, or just go the classic route and get one that says “Libra.” But even when you think you’ve made a decision on what to buy the Libra in your life, prepare to be inundated or inspired by even more options. (Libra’s indecisive nature is starting to make a lot more sense now, huh?)

These eight Libra necklace ideas would each make beautiful and generous gifts for an extra-special Libra.

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You can wear this Frasier Sterling Zodiac Necklace ($52, Frasier Sterling) as a choker or necklace. The dangle charms are super cute, and they add a little drama to each step a Libra takes.


Using the zodiac sign symbol is a subtler way to show one’s Libra leanings. The addition of the rhinestone pavé circle brings out the extra sparkle. There’s also a little stamp on top, so you can personalize this necklace and make it perfect for your air sign.


Wear a bit of the night sky with Gorjana’s Coin Necklace ($65, Gorjana). The history of the Libra constellation goes back to at least the second century, so you can tap into all that legacy by wearing it.


There’s a little bit of everything in StampsofLove4’s Libra Necklace ($20, Etsy). You have the symbol, the scales, the constellation, and the name all on one pendant. It’s a funky design and encapsulates all sides of a Libra.


The cut-out design of Jewlr’s Zodiac Disc Necklace ($69, Jewlr) is sharp and classy. It reminds both the wearer and those who notice the necklace that balance and harmony are key in life.


Gothic font is having a bit of a moment right now, and Melinda Maria’s Script Necklace ($58, Melinda Maria) captures this trend with an extra little star-shaped cubic zirconia on the side for some glam. The design looks stunning alone or as an addition to your stack.


Black and gold are always an eye-catching combo. And, this Zodiac Necklace ($50, Express Your Love Gifts) is made with shatterproof glass, a water-resistant seal, and a stainless steel that has a shimmering gold finish. You’ll have this necklace for years to come.


Barzel Jewelry’s Constellation Necklace ($20, Barzel Jewelry) has an airy nature to it thanks to the cut-out style. There’s also the Libra symbol floating above, which adds a little extra collarbone candy.