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Before constructing a leaf "dress," Julia Fox walked around New York City in a gray crop top and low...

Julia Fox's Nearly Naked Leaf *Dress* Left Her Booty "All Out"

Nip slip risks aside, the craftsmanship is solid.

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“Hey, guys. So I’m obsessed with leaves...” began Julia Fox’s leaf dress DIY ‘fit video. For the past year, the model has been taking to TikTok to share inspired fashion design tutorials during which she turns household items like towels into dresses and jeans into smaller jeans. Fox appears to have a wry sense of humor about her ab-bearing DIY projects, but her latest fashion design video proves that the Uncut Gems actor really does have the soul — if not the sewing skills — of an artist. With the help of visual artist Emma Fujiko, Fox turned her fall leaf collection into what she referred to as both body jewelry and a dress. In reality, the finished product looks most like a bikini, but fashion is in the eye of the beholder. Go off, Julia.

The two-and-a-half-minute TikTok video, posted on Saturday, Nov. 19, showed off Fox’s design skills in a way her followers haven’t really seen before. This wasn’t your average no-sew DIY tutorial. Instead, Fox and Fujiko dipped fall leaves into resin and looped their stems into hooks, in Fox’s words, “freezing them in time.” Next, Fox hot-glued the leaves together to cover her chest and, using chain and jump rings, added accent leaves to give the illusion of true falling leaves.

Fox’s commentary throughout the tutorial was delightful. She expressed unabashed love for leaves and genuine sorrow over the fact that most people blow them away or bag them up, depriving the world of “tree food” and “insect food.” But while the 32-year-old may have been sentimental when it comes to nature, she was realistic about the practicality of her design. Toward the end of the video, while posing in her “Fall 2022 dress,” Fox admitted that she wasn’t sure if the look was actually wearable.

Julia Fox/TikTok

“My booty is all out in it,” Fox said in a voiceover as she struck a pose in the finished look and a pair of perfectly matched over-the-knee brown boots. Given her propensity for wearing bikinis while running errands in Manhattan, you know that if Fox says her booty is out, she means maximum exposure.

At the end of the day, the most impressive element of Julia Fox’s NYC leaf tutorial might not have been the chainlink craftsmanship, but the fact that she threw herself into this DIY fashion construction project with very long, very square nails.

Julia Fox/TikTok

Watching her work those itty-bitty jump rings with a full set was a masterclass in making your way through life with long nails. Julia Fox, folks. She truly is, as one commenter called her, a “crafty unproblematic queen.”