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Julia Fox, who turned a towel into a minidress, attended the Diesel Fashion Show on September 21, 20...

Julia Fox's DIY Towel Dress Tutorial Is Giving 'Mad Max' Vibes

She called the look “end-of-the-world fashion inspo.”

Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Julia Fox has dropped another DIY fashion tutorial on TikTok and it may be her best one yet. With just two safety pins, a pair of scissors, and her trademark wit and fashion savvy, the Uncut Gems actor transformed an oversized beach towel into a stylish mini dress. While unconventional, Fox’s DIY towel dress is actually really cute and doesn’t require a single stitch. Everyone loves an environmentally-friendly no-sew moment, especially one that helps you keep dry after a dip in the pool.

Fox has established herself as something of a DIY queen and her towel dress tutorial is in good company. Back in March 2022, the runway model flexed her DIY chops by turning a pair of high-waisted jeans into a bandeau top and low-rise pants. She wowed her followers again by transforming a simple tank top into a shirt and skirt set. Now, she’s gone even further. Rather than just upcycling a classic piece of clothing, Fox has raided the linen closet.

On Monday, Oct. 24, Fox shared a TikTok video clocking in at under two minutes and featuring her latest piece of wearable art. The post has over 77,000 likes as of publication time, so buckle up and get ready to innovate. “I’m gonna give you guys some end-of-the-world fashion inspo today,” Fox declared before proceeding to show how, in just five steps, you can turn a fully functional towel into a dress that looks like it was once a fully functional towel.

While the process, appearing to take place in a vast workroom of sorts, was a bit chaotic, Fox’s fans were delighted. “Girly just start a fashion line 'cause it would be a slay,” one viewer commented. “Julia you are SO AHEAD OF THE TIMES. We don’t deserve this,” another wrote. Here’s the innovator’s process in full:

  • Find an old towel and lay it flat.
  • Cut a hole in the middle of the towel, about a quarter of the way down its total length. This is for your head.
  • Stick your head through the hole, gaze at your reflection, and determine where you want your leg hole to be cut. (Yes, you have two legs, but you only need one leg hole.) For reference, Fox set her leg hole about mid-thigh.
  • Once you’ve located your leg hole location, cut straight across your towel. Be sure to leave about three inches of uncut terrycloth on either side. Then, step into the hole.
  • Attach a safety pin to either side of your new garment, about midway up the back, to secure the dress and keep it in place.

The end result is a slightly boxy dress featuring a large cutout that can be worn in two different ways. First, Fox modeled the dress with the swoopy cutout in the back. If that’s not your style, she also displayed how cute the dress looks with the cutout positioned over her midriff. Two looks for the price of one towel? That’s a real bargain.