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These Cute & Easy Summer Hairstyles For Long And Short Hair Couldn't Be Hotter

Get ready for pigtail szn!!!

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When the humid weather rolls in, there's nothing worse than the feeling of sweaty hair stuck to the back and sides of your neck. Even if you don’t mind the heat and you plan to spend every waking minute at the beach, you may still want a chic or funky hairdo to make your Hot Girl Summer outfits pop. You don't need to be a hairstylist for a cool, comfortable, and sweat-proof look because these cute summer hairstyles are so easy to do on your own — and when I say easy, I mean easy. You're looking at someone who views French braids as impossible.

No matter your hair type, frizz is pretty much inescapable once summer hits, so there's no point in grabbing your straightener or curler every morning. However, that doesn't mean you can't have fun styling your hair for all of your warm-weather adventures. There are so many different aesthetics out there to pull inspo from, making the hairstyle options available to you virtually endless. A lot of these looks take inspiration from the Y2K realm, so if nostalgia is your thing, keep on reading.

From an easy five-minute 'do for a quick coffee run to getting all glammed up for a rooftop party, these easy summer hairstyles are perfect to rock during the summer of your dreams.

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The supplies you’ll need to pull off a cute, cool summer hairstyle

T execute on most of these looks, you’ll need supples like hair ties. Walmart’s Tiny Hair Bands ($8, Walmart) come in a pack of 100 in a range of different colors. That means you won’t have to worry about losing all your hair ties (for at least a few months).

Try flipped pigtails for an easy, quick half-up hairstyle

Maria Castaneda created a half-up pigtail style by making two small, high pigtails on either side of her head. Then, right behind those, she made two more pigtails and flipped the front pigtails through them. This method creates voluminous, Y2K pigtails that give serious Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century energy.

Try orbing pigtails if you have long hair

Continuing on with the pigtail trend, @moriahhhr_'s tutorial stayed in the pigtail lane but took a pretty different take. In her video, she creates two pigtails and then puts bubbles down each one using more elastics. This look works best for longer hair, as it gives you more space to make the bubbles in your pigtails. Princess Jasmine would be all over this look.

Go for a high bun when you’re looking for something chic and simple on days when the heat is just too much

TikTok fashion guru Tristina’s hack for a chic bun will have you feeling fresh, even if the temperature outside isn’t. It's a great look for when you're craving a break from having your hair surround your face while still feeling put together with something chic. To do it, just braid the two front pieces of your hair on each side. Then take the rest of your hair and pull it into a high bun on top of your head. You’ll just need a big scrunchie, like Scuni’s No Damage Scrunchies ($9, Target) to keep everything in place.

Try a modern braid crown if you’re trying to keep your bangs and layers off your face

Short hair can feel hard to style if you're looking for something that feels chicer than a quick pony, but TikToker @kaitnnicolee's braids are a great option. I never would’ve thought a crown braid could be so easy to do, but she changed up the elegant style for something attainable without calling in an expert. The modern braid crown keeps the rest of your hair out of your face while still letting your beach waves run free. To do it, just French braid the front section of your hair on each side, and then pin the braid into the rest of your hair. Make sure you have hair both under and over the braid to get that crown look.

A sky-high ponytail to keep your flyaways at bay so you can lean into your preppy tennis pro dreams

You’re about to decimate on the tennis court with @Leilali.n’s high ponytail. It’s on the preppy side of hairdos, and it’s so cute and easy to do that you can’t say no to it. To get this look, just part the front section of your hair down the middle, tame flyaways with some gel, and take the rest of your hair up into a high pony with a big scrunchie. Since so much of your face will be on display, you can also show off your summer makeup look. I’m feeling lots of blush to go with this high pony.

Try twist braids to keep your day 2 (or day 5) hair looking fresh

My inability to do braids made me believe a hairdo like @hairwithjas' was so beyond me. However, the editorial twists she demos to perfection require way less thought than braids and can easily be achieved in less than 20 minutes. Just continuously twist the hair at your hairline away from your head until you get to your ear, and secure it with an elastic. As an added bonus, no flyaways will escape from this look and stick to your forehead.

Opt for space buns if you’re in the mood for a fun twist on the slicked-back ponytail

Space buns have become an instant classic, but @itsdkaybro breaks down how to do them even if you have curly and thick hair. Whether you have 4C/4B hair or not, her tutorial is quick, straightforward, and an absolute must-try. She even calls out her favorite products if you really want to get the full effect.

A bumped up half-updo gives you tons of volume and encourages lots of movement

A half-updo may take you back to when your mom was doing your hair, but you can dress it up into a look you love to wear. Bethany Fosberry has a super simple way to pump up your hair. Once the half-up pony is secured, you just need to clip something, like Claire’s Hair Claw ($5, Claire’s), over the back base of your pony. This gives your hair something to layover, creating more volume and movement.

Next-level ‘90s buns get your hair off your neck and let your bangs do all the talking

I swear Miranda Sanchez wore this exact hairdo on Lizzie McGuire back in the day. There are a few moving pieces to get it early-2000s-Disney-approved. Luckily, @bubblegumsiss shows and explains every step. To get the look, add three braids to each side of your head. Then put it all back into a low messy bun, with some braids sticking out for that edgy look. You may need a little extra time in front of the mirror to pull this one off at first, but it’ll be worth it.

Zigzag your part before leaving the house so if the wind picks up you don’t have to worry about your hair staying in place

Charli D’Amelio brought back the zigzag part, so you better master it before summer comes around. With @neptunefairyy’s tutorial, you can snatch your part even on your most stubborn of hair days. Since your part is the showstopper on this look, you can keep the rest of the look simple with a low bun in the back.

Try the bandana hack for a chic way to control the sweat pouring off your body

Have you ever wanted that effortlessly chic look of having a bandana tied into your hair, but couldn’t figure out how to do it? Well, TikToker Aishwarya Devarakonda has it all figured out for you. This look works best on long to mid-length hair. All you need to do is separate your ponytail into two parts, twist them together, secure them with an elastic, and then roll the bandana from the bottom of your ponytail up back to the top of your ponytail. The best part is that because you’re rolling the bandana up with your hair, your bun will look super thick no matter how thin your hair naturally is.

You should try twirly tails if you’re not into braids but still want to keep your hair out of your face

If braids really aren’t your thing, don’t worry. You can still get a crown effect without stressing out. Starting with four tiny ponytails at her hairline,@naomi_arbide twirls two sections together while pulling back and down. It’ll get you that same crown style with notably less work.

If you’re looking for a fun, easy way to change things up, try hair tinsel

Summer is all about filling your life with as much fun as humanly possible. One way to do that is by using hair tinsel. Although adding these glitter strands seems difficult, @ameiliamaye really breaks it down. You can stock up on plenty of shimmering, fun colors with Glam Seamless’ Hair Tinsel ($5, Glam Seamless).

Wear your heart on your head without ever getting sweaty by trying heart hair

I couldn’t not include this hair tutorial because it feels like witchcraft. Just take the strands framing your face, secure them in ponytails right under your chin, and then flip them over your head to get a braided effect. It’s beautiful and looks so professional, yet it can be done in about five minutes.

Perfect your take on knotless braids while standing in front of the AC

Whether you’ve put in braids before and are interested in a new style or are trying it on your own for the first time, @taviasb has a super easy, knotless way to create braids. While the reviews on TikTok herald this look for being simple, if it’s your first attempt, go slow and be prepared for it to take some time.

Keep your scarf game on 10 with a cute, patterned silk scarf to control sweat

Channel Audrey Hepburn by pulling out a silk headscarf this summer. While you may not know anyone with a convertible, putting a cute patterned scarf in your hair is such a timeless look. Lana Summer even has a few different looks you can try to get the most out of your new favorite hair accessory. If you’re going for a bold summer look, a scarf like Fashion Nova’s Bed of Flowers Scarf ($9, Fashion Nova) won’t steer you wrong.

Keep your short hair out of your eyes, off your neck, and out of the way with butterfly clips

Ultra short hair can have a mind of its own. Especially in the summer, it may be growing out in a dozen different directions. Easily keep it out of your eyes by throwing Butterfly Clips ($10, Urban Outfitters) in wherever you want. You’ll end up with a fun, fairy-inspired hair look that doesn’t even need hairspray to last.

If you’re ready for a big chop and want to stay cool all summer long, shave your head

Daniele Venturelli/WireImage/Getty Images

There’s only one trending summer hairstyle that promises you months of no-hassle hair: shaving it all off. The no-hair look is trending hard and is as easy as it gets. Saweetie, Willow Smith, Kristen Stewart, and more celebrities have all rocked the look, and now it may be time for you to do the same. As someone with a shaved head, it was the best hair decision of my life.

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