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Chris Evans wearing a polo in 'The Gray Man', which he now matches with his dog, Dodger.

Chris Evans And His Dog Dodger Got Matching Gray Man Shirts, And I'm Melting

It's the Knives Out cable-knit sweater all over again.


Chris Evans is constantly making me swoon. Sometimes I’m just overwhelmed with how objectively hot this most handsome of Chrises is. Other times, I am overcome by his Boston accent. I am known to get flustered while trying to decide whether or not I like his mustache (right now I do), but today Evans is giving me heart palpations with the help of his adorable dog, Dodger. Apparently, one of the shirts he wore in the action movie The Gray Man shrunk during filming and there was only one thing to do with it: Turn it into a shirt for Dodger. The resulting photos of Dodger wearing a matching The Gray Man shirt are literally too cute.

Any fan of Evans knows that he’s obsessed with his dog. Since he first rescued Dodger back in 2015, the actor’s Instagram feed has pretty much been a running homage to his fur baby. The two cuddle together, go on car rides together, and Evans even learned to sew to fix Dodger’s favorite stuffed lion back in February 2021. (I’m not crying, you’re crying!) The two really are a match made in heaven and this latest picture of Dodger is just extra proof that the two are twin flames who have finally found each other.

Chris posted two photos of Dodger in his matching shirt on Instagram on Wednesday, Aug. 10, with the caption “While filming #thegrayman the wardrobe department accidentally shrunk one of Lloyd’s shirts. I obviously kept it for one reason.” In the pictures, the mid-sized mutt wears perfectly-fitting polo with a hole cut out for his harness. First, I’d like to offer endless thanks to whoever’s responsible for the shirt shrinkage. Secondly, I encourage you to spend at least a full 60 seconds staring into Dodger's sweet, big brown eyes. After, I dare you to tell me you’re not melting.

Even if you haven’t seen The Gray Man yet, you’ll totally recognize the blue, knit look from trailers, ads, and any light, general stalking you may do of Evans. Like most tight-fitting things Evans wears, this polo is already a fan favorite, but when it comes to a “who wore it better,” I think Dodger takes the cake. You just can’t compete with those puppy dog eyes.

This isn’t the first time Evans has dressed Dodger up in one of his iconic looks from films the actor has starred in. Remember his iconic cable knit sweater from Knives Out, the one that broke the internet with how thirsty it made fans? Yeah, that sweater.

On Christmas Day 2019, Evans tweeted a picture of Dodger wearing a near-perfect replica of the famous sweater. It was (and is now) almost too much for my single, dog-loving heart to take. At the time, the entire Twitterverse agreed with me.

I just hope that Dodger gets a matching outfit to go with all of Evans’ up-and-coming roles. Alternatively, the two could star in a movie together featuring madcap capers and matching ‘fits galore. Regardless of how the pair wind up in matching outfits again, I hope it happens sooner rather than later.