Chris Evans Shared A Video Of His Dog When He First Rescued Him & I'm Sobbing

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Chris Evans: Actor, heartthrob, dog dad. The actor took to Twitter to celebrate National Pet Day on Wednesday, April 11, by posting a video of his sweet pup, Dodger, and Chris Evans' video of his rescue dog when they first met is going to make you ugly cry for the rest of the day because we don't deserve dogs. Or Chris Evans. But mostly dogs. Evans never passes up the opportunity to point the spotlight on his rescue dog. He's posted a bunch of heartwarming pictures of his pup over the years and frequently promotes adopting rescue dogs while he's at it. He posted a video of the first moments he saw Dodger to Twitter, saying,

This is the moment we met. He was trying so hard to stay seated even though he desperately wanted to get out. I knew right away that he was coming home with me, so I took this video to always remember our first hello. Rescue dogs are the best dogs!! #NationalPetDay

This is the kind of sh*t I can't handle today. Or any day, for that matter. I'm not kidding when I say this video made me tear up because, again, we don't deserve dogs.

Just look at him! That tail! That face! I'm done.

Someone send in Captain America because I need someone to rescue me after watching this video.

Evans loves posting about his adorable pupper. There's this glamour shot he posted on Oct. 27, 2017.

That dog is seriously beautiful. I mean, just look at that paw placement. Flawless form. 13/10. Very good boy.

Over the summer of 2017, Evans and Dodger were separated for 10 weeks while Evans was away filming. Dodger was well looked after while he was gone, but Evans got in the habit of posting photos and videos of him and Dodger while he was counting down the days before he got to see him again. The answer to your question is no. I am most certainly not OK.

On July 8, 2017, he posted this photo of Dodger sleeping on him and I can't handle any of it.

Evans captioned the tweet, "Really missing this guy right now."

On July 15, 2017, just days after the other picture was posted, Evans posted another nostalgic shot of him and his dog.

He said, "'Excuse me, are u busy? Could I interest u in chasing squirrels with me outside? Or perhaps u could toss the frisbee? I have no plans today.'" Excellent doggo humor there, Evans. 10/10.

On Aug. 1, 2017, he tweeted a picture of him and Dodger sleeping together and sweet lord in heaven, what I wouldn't give to be on that couch in that moment.

Evans said, "One month away..."

Aug. 17, 2017, brought us one of the most adorable photo collages I've ever seen in my damn life. My whole. Damn. Life.

The tweet includes two photos of Dodger licking Evans' face, and it's the cutest thing ever. Evans captioned the tweet, "17 more days," so they were right around the corner from being reunited.

And then, at long last, the reunion.

Evans posted the video of him and Dodger reuniting to Twitter on Sept. 3, 2017. He captioned the post, "After 10 long weeks..." and the video shows Evans and Dodger reuniting for the first time since they were separated earlier in the summer. Reunited and it feelsssss so gooddddd!

I can't handle how pure their relationship is. I can't handle how cute that dog is. I can't handle anything that has to do with dogs, OK? Happy National Pet Day, Chris Evans. You and your dog are a gift from above. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go call my mom and have her talk me down from running to an animal shelter and adopting every single dog they have right this second.