Chris Evans sports a mustache in the upcoming Netflix film, 'The Gray Man.'

Chris Evans Wants To Know If You Like His Mustache

Thank you for this question, Chris.

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Chris Evans has just one question to ask right now: “What do you prefer? Mustache or no mustache?” On June 8, Evans asked an Access Hollywood reporter this question about his facial hair, and obviously I have an answer.

Before I share it though, here’s a little back story. Evans is starring in the new Netflix film, The Gray Man. The trailer for the action-thriller film, co-starring Ryan Gosling, dropped on May 24. It featured Evans supporting, yes, a mustache. To compliment the retro ‘stache, Evan sports a slicked-back hairdo. He’s been promoting the look with a series of selfies on his Instagram, which has been getting some well-deserved love, understandably so. I mean, have you seen the material?

It’s a distinctly new look for the actor, whose mostly rotated between rocking a clean shaven look or full beard with a little pompadour for a few years now. In fact, Evans has already moved on from the ‘stache.

Evans is currently doing press for the upcoming animated Buzz Lightyear film, Lightyear, where the actor voices the iconic Toy Story character. For the June 8 red carpet, he donned a knit button-up with an abstract print, sunglasses, and his usual beard and pompadour combo. I’m starting to think I understand why this clip below became a semi-viral moment.

If you haven’t watched the clip, around the 25-second mark, an Access Hollywood reporter asked Evans about his Gray Man facial hair; however, Evans quickly turned the tables on the reporter. “What do you prefer? Mustache or no mustache?” the actor asked. “Be honest. Be honest.”

In response, the interviewer said the mustache adds some “trouble” to the look, causing Evans to laugh. “Well said,” the actor said in response before admitting he had a soft spot for the ‘stache.

“It’s embarrassing to say, but it grew on me,” he said. “I started to really like the mustache, I did. Maybe I grew up on too many ‘80s movies.”

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He isn’t the only one who liked the facial hair. On June 3, shortly after The Gray Man’s trailer dropped, Netflix made fake mustaches for sale on their website, dubbing it as the Trash Stache. In a tweet promoting the rather genius limited-edition product, Netflix said that users can “become a secret agent in disguise” all for $15.

Netflix created replicas of the infamous facial hair priced at $15, dubbing it as the Trash Stache.

Now, Chris, do you want to know what I think? If I have to be honest, I wouldn’t mind if you bought the ‘stache back. Just saying; it’s quite a look.

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